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Ultimate Gaming Launches Online Poker Site For Testing

Ultimate Gaming Launches Online Poker Site For Testing

Like many businesses, Ultimate Gaming would like to be one of the first companies to offer online poker and online gaming. They have been developing a system that they are hoping will be used by multiple states that will allow them to license the software to states that legalize online poker and online gambling. Ultimate gaming has been developing the software over the course of the last two years and has now put it through its initial testing runs, hoping to offer the first-ever fully legal gambling site located in the United States.

The testing was done through the Nevada Gaming Control Board, who looked at the available options. The company has already been recommended for approval by the board to offer real money gambling on their website. The project is owned and run by Station Casinos, one of the largest casino companies located in the Las Vegas and Nevada area. It became the first company in history to offer fully online poker in the United States in April, through the testing that they first offered.

The testing was initially only a 30 day field test, allowing individuals to get familiar with the system and also allow the company to test the software as well. The first hand of poker was dealt on able 20th, and the company passed the trial that was ordered by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The company adhere to the requirements that have been laid out by the board, and is expected to be the first site offering completely legal poker in the Las Vegas area.

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board has set regulatory requirements for online poker at the highest level,” said Ultimate Gaming CEO Tobin Prior, in a statement. “We are thrilled that our product is the first to not only meet these standards, but exceed them.”

A number of online poker bills have been introduced in Congress in recent months. The most recent of which was introduced just days ago, and with fully legalize all types of gambling online. There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration, such as how the federal government is going to react to states collecting online poker taxes. The federal government shut down online poker in 2011, closing the biggest companies within the industry and accusing them of fraud, among other violations. There is much that needs to be considered throughout the process in order to ensure that everything is legal. The gray area legally that everything is currently sitting within will eventually be lifted and online poker is expected to rapidly grow in popularity over the course of the next few years.

There are many things that need to be taken into account throughout the process. Ultimate gaming has created a software that will be used by Las Vegas and Nevada, but more states are expected to legalize online poker in the coming days and weeks. Legalized online poker is expected to become a reality in the next two years, and will be a reality within the state of Nevada much more quickly.

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