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The Freemont Street Experience is no longer free at the Golden Nugget

The Freemont Street Experience is no longer free at the Golden Nugget

If you have been to Las Vegas you will have seen The Golden Nugget downtown. With its shiny lights and its fancy doors, The Golden Nugget is one of the most famous areas to visit when in Las Vegas. But changes are on the way, if you are a guest of the hotel you will now have to pay an extra $5 dollar per night fee. The additional $5 is said to be a fee for the “Freemont Street Experience” , rather than a resort fee.

Tiffany Hauck, the Golden Nuggets public relations manager also believes that this small fee will not make the users turn away from the hotel as They do not believe the fee is excessive and may help to cut down on the crowds. In addition the quality and style of the Freemont Street Experience is a favorite thing to do. The extra fee will come into effect from July 1st 2013.

This fee will be charged at all the 8 casino-hotels that offer the Freemont Street Experience, regardless of the day that the person decides to visit. The charge is to be levied in order to fund the team who continuously improve and maintain the show properly which has some costs which have to be met. The team decided to implement this nominal fee instead of charging clients extra money as resort fees or even hotel fees. All bookings from July 1st have this extra fee levied. Bookings made prior to July 1 will be exempt.

The Freemont Street Experience board has stated that the Golden Nugget Casinos hadn’t increased their contribution over the last few years; therefore this $5 dollar fee comes in very good time and will be greatly welcomed. Even though cost and contributions were not specified by either The Golden Nugget administration or the Freemont Street Experience, the costumer will pay this extra $5 dollar fee regardless. According to sources the decision was taken by the Golden Nugget administration team in response to the appeal for additional funds.

At first no representatives of the Golden Nugget administration wouldo comment about this fee. Even though it is a $5 dollar fee for every single person that visits the hotel from July, experts on the field believe that this will not impact on the number of people that visit the Casino-hotel every single month. There are other Casinos and even Casino-hotels that have been charging similar fees for much longer than the Golden Nugget has, and yet they have not lost any of their customers. Clients usually understand this kind of fee. If the fee is to improve the service, then most people agree to pay for it.

These very same experts also state that most tourists want to stay downtown for the discount lodging, so another $5 dollars will not bother them. This fee does not discourage these people because they already pay very favourable rates during week days. So if you are planning to visit the Golden Nugget, remember, you will have an extra $5 dollar fee from July 1st.

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