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Swiss Casino Is Granting Wishes Of Its Lucky Players

Swiss Casino Is Granting Wishes Of Its Lucky Players

The New Year wishes of about 200 players will come true as Swiss Casino has decided to offer a massive giveaway shortly. This lucky offer is between January 15 and 24. Players can win a maximum of 2000 Euros daily in games!

Swiss Casino is offering hundreds of exciting games at the moment. Players can play any of them, achieving a position on the leader board. The first prize is a grand 2000 Euro and the second prize is half of the first, that is, 1000 Euro. The third prize stands at 500 Euro.

For the top 20 players wagering the most everyday, Swiss Casino will reward a prize irrespective of whether the player has ranked appreciably on the leader board. Also, players need to deposit at least 30 Euros to become eligible to get a place on the leader board on a specific day.

More Offers through 2012

Even if players miss the January 24 deadline of grabbing massive offers, there are more to come from Swiss Casino throughout the year! The Casino has planned to give away bigger bonuses and prizes ever. The players have a golden chance to begin their first month of the New Year with many extra bucks in their wallets!

Gaming Association Gets a New Head

Continuing with the good news of this month, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has found its new Head in Richard Haddrill, who is the CEO of Bally Technologies. He was elected to this new position during an annual meeting organized by the representative body of the gambling industry. The meeting was held last month, paving a way for innovation in the Association in the New Year.

A lot is expected from Hadrill because the gambling industry, currently, is passing through a decisive phase – to legalize gambling or not. In fact, the horde of die-hard gamblers, casino operators, and gambling promoters – in fact, the entire gaming and gambling front – is waiting with bated breath for the new Head of the Association to come up with breakthrough decisions.

AGA is a representative of the entertainment and commercial casino industry with respect to regulatory and federal legislative issues. The association is involved in advocacy and educational programs, disseminating information, and handling public issues related to the industry.

With several states looking forward to regularizing online gambling, the AGA seems to have a lot in the agenda this year. States like Nevada, Iowa, California, and Connecticut have already given the green signal for regularized online gambling. More states are likely to join the league of “legal gambling” states.

It’s up to the state legislatures to decide whether to impose a partial ban or a blanket ban on online gambling. In the meantime, the players are, undoubtedly, having the time of their lives by digging into the generous jackpot offers online.

The New Year has brought in a wave of generosity among online casinos. They are busy providing one offer after another, making players almost fall in love with their lady luck!

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