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Super Snap!

Super Snap!

The players who are regulars at the online bingo gaming site called Jackpot Joy can now enjoy another new gaming title “Super Snap!” This new game release comes with a bonus game that guarantees more cash prizes. Barbara Windsor upholds that this casino site stands for a unique blend of a casino game combined with the spirit of a bingo room.

This new game boasts of five ways for players to win. Bingo had always been responsible for drawing huge crowds to this online casino and this new launch is sure to keep fans coming back for more. Players can win with this game right after they have been dealt their five cards. There are cash rewards for any collection which has a poker hand. In the main games, the cards are dealt by a dealer and these are then matched off against any player’s hands. The first player to match all the five cards is the winner of the jackpot.

Another interesting feature in this game is the form of the Community Chest feature. It takes percentage of each ticket bought like a progressive jackpot. If any of the players call “Snap!” before seven cards are over, he gets 60 percent of the prize fund. The remainder is then distributed between other players. The community jackpot feature actually makes this game resemble the original game of bingo. When there are community winnings, it helps create a great camaraderie among all the players and this is the main objective of the site Jackpot Joy.

The main game ends with a Lucky Charm bonus whereby every sixth player who has bought a maximum of five cards gets an opportunity to earn some extra money.

Full Tilt Report

The Full Tilt report, although directly focusing on online poker, appears to have far-reaching implications for the whole gambling industry. The Full Tilt Poker or FTP holds a license from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. But, this globally respected authority failed to prevent the FTP from leaving its gamers unpaid. To find out the possible reasons why such a thing could have happened and to stop it from recurring in the future, an independent review was instituted.

This review was finished recently and all the details have been put forward by the AGCG in public interest. Peter Dean, a former British Gambling Commission Chairman, conducted the review. He took up the process which included interacting with those involved to find out the cause behind this unfortunate incident. He went through all necessary documents and found out that the AGCG was not responsible for any operational errors or deliberate wrongdoings.

A hearing was arranged following the investigation and its findings. The judgment was next delivered and rightful actions initiated. According to dean, the AGCC had undertaken all necessary steps to fulfill its obligations concerning the FTP and therefore its actions were fair and prompt.

In the second portion of this review, he outlined the actions to be undertaken to stop such a thing from happening again. For this, the AGCC should attempt to have more direct links with the license holders instead of depending on their intermediaries. More legal resources should be involved when they carry out any kind of investigation into the operations of their licensees. AGCC must categorically state the extent of player protection it guarantees on its website. And, this level of player protection must be made clear to all players by the licensee concerned.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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