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Sparkling Bingo’s weekend Party for fans may be popular

Sparkling Bingo’s weekend Party for fans may be popular

Bingo is a particularly popular game in the UK. Played on 5 by 5 matrices each player competes to fill their board of 24 number by crossing out those drawn by the caller from a jumbled pool of numbers between 1 and 75. Each Column has a letter (B I N G O ) and the numbers in each column are not ordered but in the Column B the numbers are 1 to 15 and in the column I the number are from 16 to 30 and so on. Through the working of the numbers there are in fact a massive number of possible Bingo Cards.

Bingo Halls are a feature of the British Cities where it is possible to see a great number of people draw a card, make a bet and then attentively blank out their cards as the numbers are called. When a player has completed their card they will call BINGO and once verified will collect their winnings and a new game will start.

It has for many years been available as a Casino game and is now offered on line as well.

Sparkling Bingo, a Gibraltar based site has launched a series of new unique offers for the last few days of September and with these unique offers for players from the U.K. who. have a chance to grab an additional re-deposit bonus, additional money, no cost jackpot tickets and even an extra welcome bonus.

The online bingo website offers a unique Bingo Dumbo promotion which gives away additional £1,200 in money. This will be organised in the Bingo Buddies room from 17:30 – 20:30, one activity every 30 minutes. Each game will be on an elephant pattern and carries a guaranteed jackpot of £50 a time and the tickets for these activities are priced at 5p each.

Sparkling Bingo is also web hosting a unique instant promotion for the Shaman’s Dream game. Over the few days the first 50 gamers to wager £100 or more on the play will be given £10 each. The website is awarding £500 cash in total and players’ accounts will be credited by October 4th 2012.

During the course of these few days, online bingo punters can also grab an additional re-deposit additional with every down payment of £20. U.K. bingo players can quote the code FB80 and declare an 80 % re-deposit bonus instead of the normal 50 %. The value can be used every day till the end of September and up to £100 can be claimed on a single use.

New online bingo punters joining Sparkling Bingo during the final week of September are also eligible to take part in these and other frequent unique offers offered by the U.K. on the internet bingo website. New gamers making their first down payment before Sunday can use the code FB200 to claim an additional £20 on their down payment of £10. The additional welcome bonus offer will be valid only until September. 30th.

Regular offers on Sparkling Bingo include Team Bingo, IG Marathon, £6000 worth on the internet bingo activities and also £1M Jackpot games thrice weekly.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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