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Spain To Legalize Online Gambling This Year

Spain To Legalize Online Gambling This Year

Spain has decided to follow the footsteps of Denmark, which has legalized online gambling from January 1 this year. Here is yet another European country all set to bring about reforms in the industry.

Spain, in the recent times, has been putting in efforts to liberalize gambling. Now, with the advent of 2012, the government has start issuing licenses to online gambling operators.

Ready to Capture the Gambling Market

Spain is the biggest economy in Europe, after countries like Germany, France, and Italy. Looking at the ongoing reforms in the gambling industry, the foreign operators are finding this country a lucrative spot to do business. A report by the Media and Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN) states that the online gambling market of Spain is expected to grow to a whopping 680 million Euros by the year 2015!

The report also states that about 80 percent of big players are likely to apply for gambling license. It’s like water waiting to gush in once the gates are open and flooding the area with prosperity. Moreover, the conditions in Spain are such that operators believe a license will serve as a ticket to gambling success. In fact, Spain is regarded a more attractive gambling market than France.

Another reason for the operators to turn toward Spain is the fact that the state law has finally decided to regulate gambling. On the other hand, in Germany, which is the biggest potential market for gambling in Europe, the legislators are still debating over the legalization issue.

But Why the Delay?

The beginning of 2012 was supposed to create history in Spain, just like it did in Denmark, with regard to legalizing online gambling. But, the country is progressing on this front slowly. It has recently declared a delay in the enactment of online gambling laws. The idea is to give more time to regulators to review laws and regulations. This means, Spanish gamblers will get the “good news” no sooner than June 30.

But, this delay has failed to dampen the spirit of casino operators and players. Thanks to wide acceptability of high-speed broadband internet, players have got multiple options to try their gaming skills online. This has let casino software companies brush their own skills to provide sophisticated gaming technologies to the hardcore gamers.

This unprecedented progress in gaming technology and gambling sites has made the leaders of various countries think about legalization of this industry, which is one of the biggest revenue generators in the world. It’s time that countries shift their views on online gambling and give operators a chance to carry out regulated business.

Whether it is the Unites States or Europe, countries have started broadening their laws to include gambling as a regularized industry. Although Spain may be witnessing a delay in what is regarded as one of the biggest reforms of the century, it demands applause for the innovative step. According to the experts, the time is ripe for legalizing online gambling industry.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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