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Soccer World Cup Has Come To Casino Swiss!

Soccer World Cup Has Come To Casino Swiss!

The soccer fever has got the world in its grips. How can the casino industry remain unaffected by it? One event that has got the online casino industry buzzing with activity is the Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Gamblers and hard-core players are about to have a fantastic time during this sportive festivity, which started from June 11 and will continue till July 11. One whole month of fun and winning jackpots!

The fun center is at Casino Swiss, which has launched the Casino Swiss World Cup Event from June 11 to July 11. The event is loaded with spectacular travel packages, and mind-blowing cash in bonus.

The Soccer Deal

The deal put by Casino Swiss, the online gambling site is, the player who wagers the highest during the day, gets the chance to pack his bags for an extravagant holiday in Europe for a couple with 5-star accommodation. The best part is – you get to choose the destination from a fantastic list of exotic spots in Europe including Athens, London, and Amsterdam. This deal continues as long as the World Cup Promotion continues, and this means, a fully exciting month ahead.

In addition to this, Casino Swiss intends to offer bonus cash on the basis of the result of your soccer team. Suppose the national team of your choice wins a match or scores a goal, you get a bonus cash prize, which is apart from what you win during your online gambling. It’s like the soccer ball hitting the goal net and crispy dollars flowing into your account!

For Riverbelle Casino, It’s Time For Soccer Revamp!

While the Soccer World Cup fever is still on, the Riverbelle Casino, one of the top online gambling sites, has decided to get a fresh look. Over the years, this site has renovated itself in terms of its design and games. The most recent change could be seen in its wonderful graphic, impressive layout, and a whole new classy look. It’s no surprise that this site became popular for the enormous Mega Moolah win back in the month of May 2009. Its superior Microgaming software, especially designed for online casinos, is the secret behind this flourishing casino site.

Who can forget the Greek player who grabbed a cool 6.3 million dollar progressive jackpot right here at Riverbelle Casino!

One of the major reasons for Riverbelle Casino to undergo a change is to complement the style and preference of their increasing customer base. The site has been focusing on the quality of its graphics, providing easy navigation to their customers through the lobby, besides dealing with the overall appearance and feel of the casino site.

What needs appreciation is the casino’s resistance to over-doing the site’s appearance. The result: you can still get the old charm of the site while taking delight in the changed look. The newest feature they have added is the broad credentials section.

The one thing that makes Riverbelle Casino stand out in the crowd is its quality to strive for perfection every year with alterations and additions on the site. As a result, the site has been able to establish its own identity in the online gambling world. It has also come up with its own online gambling philosophy that has rendered a more sophisticated feel to casinos.

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