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SLS, Formerly Sahara, Will Begin Featuring Fred Segal Stores On Property

SLS, Formerly Sahara, Will Begin Featuring Fred Segal Stores On Property

SLS Resort, formerly known as the highly popular Las Vegas resort the Sahara, is going to be expanding their company to offer guests the ability to shop at Fred Segal stores. Those in Las Vegas are used to choosing from a number of very high class and upscale retail stores, and it looks like SL asses looking to expand by offering Fred Siegel. Fred Siegel is a store that is help to shape fashion in the Los Angeles area. It is said that the Fred Segal stores will take a 10,000 ft.² of space, and will operate seven different stores in the shopping center in the SLS Resort.

The SLS Resort is going to be opening in what was the old Sahara resort. The agreement between the resort and Fred Siegel was recently announced I the owners of the companies. This will be the first time that a single store or brand is going to be operating all of the retail space within a resort or hotel in the Las Vegas area. Each of the different stores that they will be offering will offer a wide range of different types of merchandise, including men and women’s apparel, jewelry, beauty items, and even swimsuits. The stores are not expected to be open within the SLS Intel sometime in 2014. The hope is that by offering guests the ability to shop with a single brand, that they will become loyal Fred Segal fans.

“We will be able to activate a powerful marketing channel that communicates with a highly sought after consumer base already loyal to brands,” president of SLS Las Vegas, Rob Oseland, said it a statement.

Fred Segal is a name that is commonly seen in multiple different outlets of pop culture. You may have seen it on popular television shows such as “Beverly Hills 90210,” “The OC,” and even in a large number of Hollywood movies that are based in the Los Angeles area. Oftentimes the brand is used to illustrate the Southern California style that it embodies. There are multiple different stores within the Los Angeles area including located on Melrose Avenue, and also in Santa Monica.

Because Las Vegas is also a luxury shopping area, it makes sense for the brand to have a foothold within the city. A representative for the company called the expansion to Las Vegas a key market for Fred Segal, another area in which high quality retail shopping is in high demand.

SLS has a number of other plans to improve the property that they are also keeping under wraps for now. Some of the plans that they have announced include a Bazaar, a tapas, and a wide variety of different restaurants. The addition of this brand to the resort is certainly going to be an improvement over some of the other retail stores that were a part of the Sahara, previous to the purchase of the property.

In May, SBE was able to secure more than $300 in funding for the first round of financing for the revamping of the SLS Las Vegas property. Demolition of the former Sahara has begun, and construction of the resort is scheduled to begin at some point next year.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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