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Role Of Superstition In Online Gambling

Role Of Superstition In Online Gambling

The overwhelming influence of superstition on gamblers was amply exhibited recently in an incident in which a Chinese player was so obsessed with a particular superstition that he refused to accept a jackpot that he had won. It is perhaps a one-of-a-kind incident because no one ever refuses to accept money that he has won, even if the amount is just a modest one. The sole object of gambling is to win money and enjoy the thrill of the anticipation to win.

There is no doubt that a roulette game will go in a person’s favor is solely dependent on his luck. However, gamblers succumb to different superstitious practices in the hope that luck will favor them if they do so. Moreover, they also tend to repeat the usage of certain items like clothing or certain actions like sitting at a particular place or in a particular direction if these usages or actions had brought luck on earlier occasions.

Details Of The Incident

The incident referred above took place in Jackpot City Online Casino when the Chinese player did not want to cash in his jackpot money. The amount of his winning was GBP 4444 and almost everyone else in that position would have grabbed the jackpot which was no mean amount by any standards.

Latest reports indicate that the winner is being coaxed to accept the winning amount. It appears that the Chinese consider the number 4 to be symbolic of death and as such a combination of four 4s was seen as a deadly combination. As such, the online casino authorities are trying to alter the number by converting the amount to a different currency or to a slightly lesser amount.

Different Superstitions

The western world might not consider 4 to be an ominous number but the number 13 is certainly considered unlucky in England. Superstitions exist among all cultures of the world and people mould their actions after taking them into account. In the world of gambling, where the lust for money is the driving force, most gamblers have their own sets of superstitious beliefs that are mostly based on their previous experiences.

However, there are also some common superstitions that are followed by many gamblers. Whereas a particular gambler might consider wearing a blue or a white shirt to bring him luck, others might not think so. On the other hand, many gamblers share the belief that blowing on a set of dice before rolling would result in their winning the game.

Although most superstitions that are followed by individuals are created out of personal experiences and observations, there are many superstitions that gamblers follow because they have heard about them and know that they have been in existence for many years. The number 13 in the western world or the practice of crossing your legs or counting money while playing are some examples.

When a person believes that a particular action will bring bad luck and if he loses after taking that action, his belief in the superstition will get strengthened. It is important to realize that superstitions should not be allowed to guide a person’s actions because it is the excitement and fun of gambling that is most important. However, if a person believes that something will bring luck, there is no harm in letting him be.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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