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Play The New Alice In Wonderland Game At Virgin Casino

Play The New Alice In Wonderland Game At Virgin Casino

The wonderful novel, Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll, has been immensely popular for generations. For more than a century now, the novel has fascinated both adults and children from all over the world. Not just that, the novel has even inspired several movies, and most of them have become instant hits. There has even been an animated classic from Disney based on the book and its wonderful characters.

Recently, Tim Burton of Virgin Casino made an online release of Alice in Wonderland, but this time interestingly as a slot machine casino game. The game has already caught the attention of players and become very popular. This is the continuing story of the return of Alice to Wonderland. If you are someone who has always loved reading the book and enjoyed the movie too, then you are sure to have a great time playing the game as well. Even if you are not for fairytales, playing the game could still be a unique experience for you.

The slot game includes several original characters of the novel – it has Alice, the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat. These fun characters will do much more than just entertain you. They let you win extra goodies. You will quickly associate with the original characters because they have the same smile and the quirky charm. The graphical appearance is also the same as the classic from Disney.

There are three bonus games in the Alice in Wonderland slot machine game in Virgin Casino. The style and theme of these games are all different from each other. You can enter a bonus game through a wild symbol. The symbol will unlock a free spinning bonus round, and you get the opportunity to earn even more free spins from these rounds. You can keep adding the free spins as you find more wild symbols. And if you are extremely lucky, you can even get all the reels with your wild symbols.

There are as many as 20 pay lines and 5 reels in the game. One of the bonuses that you could win is the progressive jackpot that is present in the bonus round of Mad Hatter Tea Party. To win the extra round with Mad Hatter, you must obtain a special bonus with three, four or five Mad Hatter symbols. You can get them almost anywhere in the reels. You can get your free spins once you have discovered the 3 white rabbit symbols in the game. Another bonus you’ll find in the slot machine is in the Rabbit Hole.

Alice in Wonderland from Virgin Casino is sure to become hugely popular over time. Though, there are plenty of other theme-based casino games from many other companies, including a few from Virgin Casino, but this particular slot machine game looks like a sure winner. Most of these theme-based casino games are based on popular Hollywood movies and characters. So Alice in Wonderland slot game from Virgin is quite unique really. This online casino company, which is powered by Wagerworks has over the years launched several promotions, popular games and innovations. There are many banking options for cashing your wins.

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