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Plans for a casino hotel in Worcester put on hold

Plans for a casino hotel in Worcester put on hold

No slot parlor for Worcester. Residents of Worcester were really looking forward to having a slot machine gaming area near them can stop dreaming, the project was has been called off.

City officials and the Mass. Gaming & Entertainment announced that the negotiations that were going to establish whether a $250 million dollar gaming parlor would be installed in the city or not, gave the public the really bad news. Even though there had been a strong proposal to bring this casino to the city, the city officials were not inclined allow it to happen anytime soon.

Even though this would be a very profitable project increasing revenue flows to the city coffers as well as creating more jobs for the city’s population, the project has been cancelled by the city officials.

They have made an explanation as to why they think this project would not work in Worcester. One of the main reasons why this project would not get off paper plans is due to the fact that the state has too many heavy taxes, which would make the whole process much more difficult. Other factors against the plan were a number of obstacles including the operating costs. The team that wanted this new Casino were not able to overcome these issues and could not reach a satisfactory agreement with the city’s officials.

According to the government the Mass. Gaming & Entertainment team would simply not agree with any of the ideas and amendments suggested by the city’s representatives, a fact that made the whole process much more difficult. Both parties needed to reach an agreement before any kind of referendum could be sent to voters, unfortunately both parties did not manage to reach an agreement and the project was simply declined.

The city managers also stated that they understand the values of the State legislation and that they need to adhere to at all times, regardless of what is up for discussion. It was said that both parties worked extremely hard to reach an agreement, however none could be settled in the end. They said both parties did their best, however this was not going to be the time to put that big project into practice. This decision was not only made by the city’s representatives, however it was also supported by the city’s major and other important co-chairs of the city.

Mass Gaming & Entertainment wanted a slot casino area with a 14-acre size that would cost the team about 250 million dollars. In the casino planning, they included a four star hotel downtown and more than 600 brand new jobs in the city. Unfortunately this is not going to occur anytime soon for Worcester residents. The Mass Gaming & Entertainment is a famous casino builder that has been developing resorts all over the United States of America for several years now. Although this was a good plan to improve the city, the population will not have a brand new casino in town, at least for now.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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