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Online Gambling Trends 2014

Online Gambling Trends 2014

With online gambling becoming more popular many companies are using marketing and features to draw in new customers. Mobile phones have lead to many new opportunities for online gambling.

Many online gambling businesses are designing casino applications designed to draw in new customers. Some are free applications that offer a chance to play and socialize with other users. They let players play non-cash games and become familiar with online applications. These social applications often lead to paying customers. Many gambling applications offer social networking features like adding friends to their list, sharing accomplishments and giving gifts to each other. This social networking in online gambling often leads to new customers.

Many online gambling casinos are marketing to younger customers like Generation X and the Millenials. This is because younger customers enjoy online gambling and are looking for ways to use their computers in their leisure time. Many younger people have mobile applications that can be used for online gambling. Applications with social networking and graphics appeal to this age group.

Many online casinos are using crytocurrency like Bitcon as a way to deposit and withdraw money. Once associated with shady dealing this medium became more accepted more reputable online businesses began to use it. Online gaming businesses like Bitcon because the funds clear quickly and are irreversible. Payment processing fees are also low another plus for online gambling businesses. It is used for poker and other online gambling games.

Casino games are becoming more mobile because many customers use mobile devices or phones. These games can be played almost anytime from any locations which is a draw to many customers. Playing a game on break at work or even when traveling is a common practice. Casino bonuses and prizes have increased as way to hold customers and draw in new ones.

With 3-D formats introduced to online gaming more customers can view videos and chat live with other players. Many have chat boxes where player communicate with each other adding to the social networking options. This provides connections among players making them more likely to become a regular.

Mobile banking has become secure making customers feel better about playing online mobile casino games. The introduction of debit and credit cards will lead to more users playing games. Some of the debit and credit cards for this industry are Skrill, Eco, and ClickandBuy. These are some of the trends for online gaming in 2014.

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