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Online Gambling Now Makes News In Spain

Online Gambling Now Makes News In Spain

As the gambling community continues to grapple with the hurdles placed in its path by many European countries in its effort to get the industry legalized, there is some good news pouring in from Spain. Gambling fever has started to spread to Spanish speaking countries amid concern of regulation and legalization, the same issues that threatens to divide many states in the US.

Online gambling service providers seem to have unearthed an untapped gambling market in Latin America and Spain and the initial signals are encouraging. There is every possibility that they will strike gold in these markets, going by the initial response. While elsewhere, the inability of the Governments to take a firm decision regarding legalizing online gambling has everyone in a tizzy, the Spanish Government looks like heading the other way.

Spain, it is believed is making a concerted effort to get the regulation issue resolved and is a firm supporter of giving a legal approval to the online gambling industry. The process of regulating online gambling industry was set up as early as 2007. After keeping it under wraps for a few years, there is a move towards achieving something meaningful. Gaming regulators have named two groups who will be in charge of overseeing the gaming regulation issue in Spain.

The Spanish government intends to continue the process which was left halfway since 2007, when they announced that they would find out a way to set things right in the gambling industry through national laws. These laws intended to bring all Spanish gambling portals, casinos and bookmakers under the control of the government.

Statements from the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior show that the Spanish government is serious about its intention to settle the issue at the earliest. They further said that individual regions across Spain are being challenged to meet the new regulations. Lawmakers are however slightly skeptical about the outcome, especially in view of the fact that a leading Spanish lottery operator was conspicuous by his absence at a crucial meeting called by the government at Madrid to iron out the issues. They are hopeful that the government will pull out all stops to get gambling industry the legal recognition that they deserve so that Spanish citizens can place wagers online without restrictions and fear of law.

Meanwhile, Congressman Barney Frank was in the news yet again as he discussed his pet topic, legalizing online gaming in the US. This time it was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where Barney Frank asserted his resolve to see his bill finally becoming law. According to him, the US government has no business ordering what its citizens can do and cannot do from the privacy of their homes. The bill, if passed as most believe it would, will allow gamblers the choice of gaming at land based casinos or online casinos.

Barney Frank was quick to point out that the government was wasting a huge opportunity to ease the economic hardship of the country. Responding to fears that legalizing gambling might result in people playing with money that they do not have – meaning using credit cards – he clarified that the legislation would allow gambling only through debit cards and prepaid cards. So the fear was completely unfounded.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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