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Online Gambling – Next Stop Spain?

Online Gambling – Next Stop Spain?

The latest buzz in the online gambling world is that although many European countries are finding it difficult to get the online gambling industry legalized, Spain is headed towards legalizing the process and very soon, the regulation issue might be resolved. Whereas the US and many European governments are not able to take a firm decision on this issue, the Spanish government has certainly taken the bull by the horn and it is hoped that cheers of ‘ole’ might soon be heard in the world of online gambling.

Many other Spanish speaking countries are also throwing their weight around the crusade for legalizing online gambling. Initial indications show that there is a huge untapped market for online gambling in Spain and other countries of Latin America and the industry is itching to tap these unexplored markets and reap rich harvest.

Spain’s Initiative

In Spain the initial thrust towards resolving the regulation issue and regulating the online gambling industry was started in 2007 and a determined effort is being made to achieve success because the Spanish government is putting all its weight behind this crusade. Although there was a lull for a few years, the movement has now picked up speed and it is expected that fruitful results will be achieved shortly. Two groups have already been named for overseeing the regulation of online gambling in Spain.

In 2007, the Spanish Government had announced that national laws would be enacted to regulate the gambling industry but since that time nothing much was done. Latest reports suggest that the government is now resolved to continue the process and enact the laws that would bring all Spanish casinos, bookmakers, and gambling portals under government control. According to all indications, especially judging by the statements of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, the government is now serious about its intentions to make a final decision without any further loss of time.

The statements also indicate that specific regions all over Spain are being challenged to meet the new regulations. Lawmakers are hopeful that all hurdles in the process of giving legal recognition to the gambling industry will soon be overcome so that Spanish citizens can enjoy the thrill of gambling without any legal hurdles. This optimism is prevalent despite the fact that a leading Spanish lottery operator did not attend a crucial meeting initiated by the government to settle all issues.

The US Scenario

Meanwhile, in the US, the efforts of Congressman Barney Frank are not losing any steam as is evident from his recent discussions on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In this show, he reiterated his determination to get his bill for legalizing online gaming in the US to become law. Most people are confident that the bill will be passed soon and that as per its stipulations, gamblers will get the liberty to indulge in gaming at online casinos or land based casinos as per their choice.

Barney Frank also stressed that, by delaying the passing of the bill, the government was losing a unique opportunity to improve the economy of the country. He also allayed the fears of some individuals that people might use credit cards and as such play with money that they do not actually have and clarified that as per the provisions of the legislation, gambling would only be allowed through debit cards and prepaid cards and not credit cards.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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