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Online Casinos Switch To Blackberry Playbook From Apple Ipad

Online Casinos Switch To Blackberry Playbook From Apple Ipad

The online casinos are eagerly waiting to welcome the Blackberry Playbook this month. If you are a fan of Apple devices, it’s time to try Blackberry offers now. It is for you to decide whether the Apple iPad is better or the Blackberry’s newest device.

It’s common for gadget companies to release their series of fantastic products through online casinos. They can target millions of customers, along with giving the players a chance to use their newly launched technologies. When the iPad was launched, it took the market as well as the online casinos by the storm. Now, let’s see how Blackberry manages to captivate the market and the casino players.

The ultimate aim of introducing the latest devices on online casinos is to provide a new gaming “high” to the players and to increase the competitive value of the game. Money is something that forever succeeds in giving an incentive to play hard. But, getting the newest technology in your hand is an altogether different achievement.

Already the Blackberry Playbook has created a lot of thrill among the online casino players and the casino operators. This Playbook is smaller in size than that of iPad. But, this new technological beauty is smarter than other smart phones and big enough to be convenient for the users. The iPad may have stolen hearts with its large screen, but the portable tablet promises to grip everybody’s attention with its convenience factor.

For the online casinos, it’s the software of the Blackberry Playbook that interests, rather than the size. This new device features Flash software (Apple iPad does not). For the online casinos that do not allow download and provide instant play option are generally run by Flash software. It makes gaming accessible for Blackberry Playbook users. The Apple iPad users are going to lose here.

With the growing interest of online casinos on the Playbook, you might wonder what’s brewing at Apple. To your surprise, Apple does not intend to add Flash feature in its iPad 2. According to them, Flash uses more power and makes the battery low in a shorter time. So the Apple fans, which were waiting for a device to counteract Blackberry’s new launch, are in for disappointment.

Whatever might be the reaction of fans, for the online casinos, the launch is good news. The online gambling industry is always on the lookout for interesting devices that can make online gaming easier and more convenient for its players. Not everybody likes to carry bulky laptops to try their luck on the pot. That’s the reason why online casinos offer the latest devices on winning the game. It not only works as good promotion for the device company, but also enhances the accountability of the casino.

With the Blackberry Playbook promising to bring a new thrill in online gambling, let’s see what the next month has to offer. There is a shower of prizes, cash, tournaments, and gadgets in April. The online casino industry is certainly in its generous phase.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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