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Online Casino Gambling Gets Closer To Legalization

Online Casino Gambling Gets Closer To Legalization

The latest news about online casino gambling in the US is that one more of its detractors has fallen prey to the money power of the gambling industry and has done a neat turn about. We are of course talking about Oregon Congressional Representative and long time critic of the gambling industry, Earl Blumenauer. He has actually confessed that he has been influenced by the Ways and Means Committee to think again about his views on Internet gambling, and that he now finds his earlier anti-gambling outlook quite hypocritical.

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind about what made a staunch critic like Blumenauer do such a turn about so suddenly. The potential of the vast amounts of legalized casino revenue that can fill the coffers of the Government is making politicians of all hues change their views on the question of legalizing and fully regulating the online gambling industry.

Key decision makers in the Government have finally woken up to the fact that the online casino industry is incredibly lucrative for State governments because they are able to skim off a hefty percentage for the price of legally operating in the US. What Earl Blumenauer said about being hypocritical is actually a fact.

Banning online casino gambling while allowing legal horserace betting and fantasy sports leagues does smack of hypocrisy on the part of the Government. The revenue that the casino industry generates cannot be ignored by the Government. Better and more practical solutions need to be considered so that this revenue can be used by the administration for development purposes.

However, money is not the only reason that makes a politician like Blumenauer change colors. A primary reason for supporting the new legislature on legalizing the online gambling industry is the prospect of the thousands of new jobs the industry will create.

Recession has chosen to stay over like an uninvited guest. The US Government desperately needs to create new jobs and generate new tax revenues to support job creation programs. Legalizing the online casino industry will provide the Government with the ideal platform to bring in more revenue and create large number of jobs. Both are absolutely necessary to pull the country out of the current phase of recession.

The US press has also played a major role in bringing about a change of views on the matter of casino censorship. A vast majority of the press presents a liberal and moderate view on the subject. While there is another small group which still holds a hardcore conservative point of view, they are clearly in a minority and unlikely to sway public opinion on the matter.

The US media needs to do more and come up with a comprehensive report on the online casino gambling situation. The freedom of the Internet must be applied to the online gambling industry. That is why it is important to come up with a solution that promotes reasonable regulations within the industry. Internet censorship blocks can create dangerous precedents.

Earl Blumenauer can be forgiven for his famous back flips about his views on the online casino gambling industry. He is one of the few politicians who have foreseen the immense potential of this industry in terms of the jobs it can create along with revenues for the State. However, it is going to take some more politicians like him to go public with their views before the industry can finally be freed from the shackles of censorship.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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