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One person wounded in and early morning shooting incident at a Casino complex

One person wounded in and early morning shooting incident at a Casino complex

Early morning Casino shooting injured one in Milwaukee.

We all imagine that Casinos and Bingo parlors are safe places to be in the morning. Well apparently this is a wrong assumption for those who live the calm area of Milwaukee in the United States of America. Early this morning, one person was injured in a surprise shooting at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino. The police reached the area and was able to take a closer look at the situation. The employees of the place also did not expect this kind of shooting, since the place is a rather calm and friendly Casino and Bingo parlor.

The police said that only one person was injured after the shooting; however more information could not be disclosed as yet. The cop explained that a 23 year old city woman was wounded by being shot in the leg at around 1.30 a.m.

That Sunday night was no different than usual, also affirmed the cop. However, a little bit before 1.30 am there was and altercation inside the Casino, which culminated in the shooting which later hurt this 23 year old Milwaukee woman. Even though the woman was shocked by her injuries, she is thankfully not in any risk of death, since her wound was, apparently, not life threatening.

Regardless of her injuries, this kind of incident should not happen, especially in a place that people go to have fun, a place that even families often go, as affirmed bypeople who were in the area.

At the crime scene, the police arrested a 27 year old man, who is a resident of the city of Wauwatosa, in the United States. He was initially arrested as one of the suspects; however police had to yet to evaluate the case before they would decide to lay a charge against him. Even though they have arrested a man, his name was not disclosed, since he was yet to be charged after further investigations of the case. The cops also said that the security cams were going to be used as an important addition to the investigation of the crime. Some witnesses were also going to be interrogated by the cops to establish what really happened at the Bingo parlor and casino.

The Casino made a public statement that it will be closed temporarily because of the shooting and the further investigation. Even though this was stated the Casino and bar was seen to be open from 9.a.m of the same day of the crime, Sunday. The Casino affirms that this shooting was an isolated event and something that has not previously occurred in their history.

The neighborhood is considered calm and the clients that usually go to the Casino and Bingo were also tagged as “friendly”. Some witnesses said that they were playing on slot machines when out of the blue a loud noise was heard. The shooting happened at a nearby games table. It was not only one shot, after the first several other shots were fired with the terrified clients dropping to the floor seeking cover.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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