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New York and its new Amazing Casinos

New York and its new Amazing Casinos

New York is in the process of creating new Casinos for those who enjoy gambling. The negotiations are now ongoing but no information is being revealed for the public thus far. The new provision that is being voted aims at expanding the gambling areas in New York, not only for tourists but also because the New York population wants the ability to gamble freely. This proposal being voted on is that, even if they are rejected by the voters, gambling areas throughout New York will be expanded.

New York is famous for its wonderful Casinos, full of glamour and bright lights. Thanks to that more and more people are interested in playing games at Casinos. Thus the government of New York decided to expand the Casinos, allowing even more people to enjoy gambling and the great Casino atmosphere with the slot machines that these gambling areas offer. This new expansion bill is being negotiated, to allow Casinos and gambling areas to be expanded and brand new casinos be created.

The copy of the bill has been viewed and it plans to authorise the creation of video slot machine centers all over New York, including the outer boroughs of New York City and other areas across the state. These video slot machine centers will allow over 5.000 new casino slot machines which will attract and entertain the public. Four or five sites for gambling will also be created upstate, that way everyone will have a chance to enjoy gaming with the potential of winning!

Modifications to the proposed bill are likely however as there is opposition to it in its current form. Nevertheless at least a couple new Casinos will be built in the city of New York. There are too many gamblers for too small an area so there is a necessity for these new Casinos to be licensed; this would expand the gaming areas in the state of New York. With at least 5,000 brand new machines the population would be able to find a place to play, without having to try it get into overcrowded areas.

Only once the Governor, Andrew Cuomo, together with the other legislative leaders vote will we be able to find out what is the final situation will be. Even though the full bill has not been released yet, however New York gamblers can expect some favourable changes to gambling in the state and city soon. The governor, Cuomo, has stated that even if the majority of the New York population wants to, the conversion of New York into a new Las Vegas will be extremely difficult. Even if this is unlikely, at least some new Casino machines will be installed within the city.

In a recent interview, the governor’s spokesman did not want to say anything official to the press. All we can do now is wait and see what will happen to the future of the Casinos in the city and also the state of New York. Here is hoping for the best.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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