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New Jersey’s Online Gambling Referendum

New Jersey’s Online Gambling Referendum

The proposed changes and restrictions to online gaming activities, which have managed to confuse a lot of people lately, have been received with a mixed response across the US. There are, however, some regions which have been more confused than others, New Jersey being one of them. Developments on the future of online gambling and casino activities in the state seem to be rolling in uncertainty, all thanks to the new regulations, bills and laws. To clear the air, the state officials have now decided to put forward a referendum and everyone is hoping that this might make things a little easier.

The NJ online gambling operators’ confusion began with the bill S490 which allowed Atlantic City land casinos to kick-start their online gambling services. This bill was passed by the State Senate Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee. Not a lot of time had passed when the Casino Association of New Jersey, or CANJ, stepped in to declare that they are against the state level regulation of online gambling operations and would like to see it happen at the much higher federal level.

Trying To Clear The Air

With the aim to reconcile the differences and make things a little clearer for everyone to understand as far as the issue of online casinos and gambling goes, the legislators of the Democratic Party have shared that a gaming summit should be organized and then, during fall this year, the final proposals and views should be put to a public vote in a referendum.

There, however, seems to be another reason for the sudden and hectic movements with regards to online gambling services. Governor Chris Christie had formed an advisory committee in order to make suggestions for reviving the gambling industry which has been one of the hardest hit as a result of the global recession. The revival is aimed at both online operations as well as land casinos, and racetracks are also included. The report by the committee is expected to come in about two weeks.

In addition to the arguments that are happening between CANJ and S490, reports have emerged of conflicting legislative bills in the State Senate as well as the Assembly. All these factors combined have made it important for authorities to work towards making things better and the referendum would aim at doing just that, from a public point of view.

Everyone Now Waiting For The Summit

The idea of a gaming summit, it seems, has managed to become an instant hit and many are actually waiting for it, including the sponsor of S490 Senator Raymond Lesniak. He has given everyone an assurance that there would be no moving forward with the bill unless all the confusions and problems have been sorted out at the summit and a new proposal has been generated.

Also, John Burzichelli, chairman of the New Jersey State Assembly gaming panel, has recently suggested that he is open to a new proposal and would welcome a summit, where it would be possible to publicly discuss and debate all the issues so that a mutual solution can be found.

With the summit and the expected referendum, New Jersey might be able to regulate the online gambling and casino operations without any confusion. Everyone is now waiting for the summit, and then for fall elections.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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