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New Jersey Awaits Its Moment In History – Will The Governor Oblige?

New Jersey Awaits Its Moment In History – Will The Governor Oblige?

New Jersey is a state that has gone through long periods of uncertainty with regards to the gambling laws legislation. Online gaming experts now believe that the Governor of the state can exercise a few options in connection with the online gaming bill. They feel that this historic effort to pass the online gaming legislation can be scuttled as Federal politics starts flexing its flex its muscles.

The Republic Governor Christie of course has the option to sign the bill and make it a law and that is what all online gaming service providers are hoping he will do. But no one is willing to bet on the act for sure. But if the Governor chooses to reject the bill, there are some complications that could arise from the situation. Rejection of the Bill necessitates that the Bill be taken back to the New Jersey Legislature. Under the U.S laws, the legislators have the right to overturn the Governor’s decision. But then for that to happen they will have to get the Bill passed in both the Senate and the Assembly.

There are still more complications awaiting the passing of the Bill in both the Senate and the Assembly. If legislators want to overturn the decision of the Governor, they need do it by a two-thirds majority and not with a simple majority as was the case when the Bill was first presented. The fact that the Bill was presented by Democrat state senator Raymond Lesniak, whose party does not command a two-thirds majority either in the Senate or the Assembly, makes the task still more difficult.

The Democrats were supported by the Republicans when the Bill was first put up for approval but the chances of the same happening again are bleak. Republicans legislators, at least a vast majority of them, are unlikely to vote in favor of a Bill once it has been rejected by the Governor. This has been the standard practice followed in the Senate and the Assembly on similar issues in the past and no one expects it to be any different this time around. Legislators are usually divided into party blocs once the Governor rejects a Bill. It therefore clearly implies that once the Governor vetoes this online gambling bill, then it is most likely that the veto will stand.

All eyes are on the Governor Christie. Online gaming service providers and the gaming enthusiasts of the state are still hopeful of a positive situation developing somehow. But experts who are following the developments closely are of the view that the chances of a veto are more likely than any other option being considered by the Governor.

It is a well known fact that the Governor is serious candidate for the 2012 Presidential or Vice-Presidential elections on a republican ticket. He has all the makings of a national leader. By signing the Bill on New Jersey online gambling he is most likely to lose support among the conservatives in his party which can cause a major dent in his effort to be the party nominee for the 2012 elections.

The fact that the Bill enjoys bipartisan support will force the Governor to come out with some strong reasons for vetoing the Bill. Yet, it could be a case of personal ambition taking preferences over the chance to create history.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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