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New Jersey and Vermont eye internet betting

New Jersey and Vermont eye internet betting

New Jersey was one of the first US States to crack down on online betting in the US, has indicated that it is willing to reevaluate its view on the problemThe state has issued a statement from its legislators explaining to the Department of Justice that the jurisdiction has every right to enact intra-state internet gambling, online blackjack enthusiasts will be heartened to learn.

Furthermore, New Jersey said that the actions are permitted under current federal rules.

In a letter to Eric Holder, the Attorney-General of the US, New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak explained: “The State of New Jersey should not be impeded in any manner from exercising our rights under our state constitution and under federal law.”

He added that under the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), intra-state Internet gambling was permissible.

Senator Lesniak cited a specific passage in the law’s text, saying: “The term ‘unlawful internet gambling’ does not include placing, receiving, or otherwise transmitting a bet or wager where … the bet or wager is initiated and received or otherwise made exclusively within a single State.”

This is now being followed by the US state of Vermont who will examine the benefits of internet betting and internet gambling houses following the US of Justice’s decision to ease its long-standing resistance to the idea.

Governor Chris Shumlin has led the effort, persuaded by many government authorities across the country training their right to create household internet betting guidelines.

Mr Shumlin is particularly eager to produce resources for Vermont’s knowledge finance by creating regulation that would allow the region’s sweepstakes to be performed online

However, Republican Randy Brock said that initiatives to boost betting should be carefully considered, saying: “There needs to be some boundaries on what we do particularly if we’re doing anything that would increase credit to gambling”.

The State will launch a review on internet betting in Jan 2013, and a favorable reaction could see more independence being provided to US betting companies in exchange for a development of tax income.

Government involvement in the gambling sector is a topic that tends to divide opinion, with a number of motives often suggested.

Steve McKenna, marketing executive for Business In Sport and Leisure, says there are plenty of national authorities around the world that control sports betting, casinos and lottery games.

“People will suggest it is revenue generating while others will say it is the best way of control,” he explains.

Some governments are even said to be inclined to restrict tax rises as gambling is such a reliable source of income.

However, doubts about a government-run industry persist, with Mr McKenna highlighting the problem of authorities sometimes being without the necessary skills and expertise.

The expert was speaking after Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which is responsible for betting in the Canadian state, announced it is to extend its offering to online gambling, as is already the case in countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and France.

In the US it is seen that the Government should provide regulation while the professionals actually manage the gaming itself.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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