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Nevada Technically Handicapped

Nevada Technically Handicapped

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Nevada seems to lag badly on the technology front as far as gaming is considered. The state is trying hard to preserve Nevada’s leadership position, as the political and business forces desperately attempt to grapple with its financial crisis. A gaming industry source notes that the State Gaming Control Board lab’s ability to test all new games and the technology is woefully slow. This is putting brakes on the speed at which new games need to be introduced into the state. There was a time when Nevada was in the forefront. Its lab had a reputation of being symbolic in testing new gaming and entertainment concepts, but that is history now.

Local Companies Hiring In Las Vegas

There is good news for Las Vegas that is reeling with high unemployment numbers. Station Casinos recently announced that it plans to hire 1000 employees. The company will recruit 500 full-time and 500 part-time people at various locations. The jobs include positions for security, dealers, hotel management, cooks, and servers.

In addition, the $4 billion Cosmopolitan is soon opening on the Las Vegas strip. This should positively affect the unemployment figures of end of December. Recession seems to be finally easing out in Las Vegas, as more gaming properties are reporting new vacancies at a rapid rate.

Nintendo’s New Portable 3-D Gaming System

Nintendo says the new portable 3-D gaming system is all set to hit the market soon. This is the first big news of business innovation this year. The Nintendo DS, the first hand-held game console manufactured by Nintendo, was released in North America and Japan in 2004. As of date, Nintendo DS has sold more than 140 million units, making it the best selling hand-held game console. The new 3-D gizmo is expected to hit the market on March 27 this year and by June, more than 30 games will be available. Nintendo is highly optimistic. Nintendo forecasts that this console will be the first mass-market 3-D device.

Do You Know How Online Casinos Work?

People continually get a lot of information on gambling and online casinos, but few understand how online casinos work. Here is a brief outline.

First comes, the casino software. A software developer creates a program with all the images, video coding, databases, and management and, of course, with security, before marketing it to the customers. For example, a software company will create a custom copy of their software for one online gaming site and another for some other site by charging a fee or royalty for using the software. The basics in both the software remain the same. This is the con side of the story. However, the pro is that if you are put off by how an online casino treats you or if you are offered a bigger bonus elsewhere, you can always quit and change casinos.

The next step is the interaction between the casino and the player. The player will need to download the program and install it on his or her computer. The casino program on the player’s computer only serves as a pipeline for interaction between the player and the casino. The actual casino transactions and user information are all stored on the casino’s servers.

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