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More gamblers choose to go online than the casino that every before

More gamblers choose to go online than the casino that every before

A recent survey has some casinos surprised, including many of the major online casino sites. Caesars Interactive Entertainment compiled a survey of 450 locations in the US, and how much time users in that area signed on to sights like versus how close they lived to a real-time casino. The numbers that came back surprised every one.

Atlantic City users show up online more

Atlantic City, home to some of the most established casinos in the world came in 27th out of 450 as the location where more people preferred using online casino sites than to make a trip less than an hour to a casino. While this was bad news for the casino locations, it is also shaking up the online casino world. The assumption has always been that online casinos would market towards demographics who lived beyond an hour’s drive to a local casino as they wouldn’t be able to compete with the appeal of a location. As online casino sites become more popular, that assumption is proving to be wrong.

Why would people prefer an online casino?

The easy and short answer is time. For many people that enjoy casino gaming, finding the time to make a day of it can be hard. Online casino sites afford them the ability to log on when it is convenient and to play more in a shorter span of time. The survey found that there are many other reasons why more and more people are being drawn into online casinos rather than through the door too. The top five reasons include:

  • Fits schedule better
  • Doesn’t have additional expenses such as travel, food and lodging
  • No crowds to deal with
  • Better sense of account control
  • Online casinos are perceived as more trustworthy

How well does the perception meet the reality?

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, online casinos have had a rockier road to gaining legitimacy online and meeting regulations from state to state, and country to country. This does mean that they are more inline with practices of due diligence and consumer protection. Many of the practices of a online casino that may be “business as usual” and not in favor of the consumer aren’t allowed in the online environment. Add into this that no buffet, show or free drink ticket can beat the convenience offered by the online casino by delivering games and service to your home and it is easy to see why they are beginning to be the casino of choice for players.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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