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Liquidation Sale At Sahara

Liquidation Sale At Sahara

The historic Sahara Hotel and Casino closed its doors to the outside world in May 2011. The hotel began its liquidation sale sometime in the middle of June. The hotel has a 58 year old history on the Strip and as such people are lining up to purchase a piece of that history.

History of Sahara

It was Milton Prell who first introduced Sahara to the gambling world way back in 1952. The hotel was sold to Dell Webb in 1961 and Webb’s company became the first public company to own a casino on The Strip.

The hotel became extremely famous and was frequented by people from all parts of the world when it was featured in the 1962 flick “Ocean’s eleven”. Even before that, the hotel was a favorite with celebrities.

Over the years some of the greatest stars in the entertainment business have performed in the hotel. This includes entertainment giants like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli, Bill Cosby, Ann Margret, and Buddy Hackett.

In the 1980s, the ownership of the casino changed hands and it was purchased by the Archon Corporation. Archon ran the show till the mid 1990s and later sold it to Bill Bennett. The casino again changed hands in 2007. One of the main attractions of the hotel was the huge rollercoaster called Speed – The Ride that ran around it as well as its NASCAR restaurant. Sadly, the famous casino had to close down its operations as it became an economic liability for the company who owned it. The closing of the hotel marks the end of an era on entertainment and gambling on The Strip.

The Sale

Upon its decision to close shop, the casino decided to hold a liquidation sale so that all its assets could be sold off. The liquidation is being supervised by the National Content Liquidators. Everything in the hotel and casino starting from its famous camels to its roulette wheels are being sold off. The chandelier and the camels are among the pricier items being put up for sale. The chandelier is priced at almost $13000 and the camels at $12000. Autographed pictures of celebrities who performed in the hotel as well as other historic photographs adorning the walls of the hotel have attracted the interest of buyers. Many other hotels on the Strip are looking to buying supplies from the restaurants in the hotel. Even the brass worked doors of the hotel will be sold off during the liquidation. The general public is picking up Sahara emblem marked playing cards and gaming chips as souvenirs to remember their favorite casino. The sales of the items would take place between 7AM and 5PM on a daily basis until every item is sold off.

Sahara was one of the last places to close shop at the northern most end of the Strip. The reign of all the old giants is coming to an end and new giants are taking over the casino world. Experts and historians believe that Sahara will be remembered as one of the best casinos that existed in Las Vegas in the golden era.

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