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Ladbrokes Casino Offers Exclusive Bonus Rules

Ladbrokes Casino Offers Exclusive Bonus Rules

Check out the whole online gambling industry and you wouldn’t find signup bonus rules like that of Ladbrokes Casino. No matter how smart you are, it’s impossible to violate the rules of the bonus; even if you manage to do, the casino would seize all your winnings.

If you look at it carefully, this is something good in the casino industry. The signup bonus rules are almost perfect. There is no room for abuse of rules or of players here.

Signup Bonus Rules

  • You log in on the official website of Ladbrokes casino. If you’re an existing Ladbrokes customer, you skip this step.
  • You make a deposit of €/£5 to €/£100. The existing Ladbrokes players have to make fresh deposit of at least €/£5 into the casino wallet.
  • You play your initial deposit once.
  • You go on the “welcome bonus page” and fill the claim form.
  • Then you wait for 2 days or less to get your welcome bonus credited to your own bonus account 100 percent.
  • In order to transfer the welcome bonus into cash balance or to withdraw it, you need the bonus to turn over 10 times.

    Your account balance is divided into cash balance as well as bonus balance. The “Cash Balance” shows your deposits while the “Bonus Balance” shows your paid bonuses. All your winnings go into the “Cash Balance”. You can withdraw from it, once you meet the turnover requirements, which denote the number of times you have to play your initial deposit.

    These are strict rules and no player can breach them. For instance, you have to make a fresh deposit even if you’re an existing player. You cannot think of withdrawing the cash before meeting all the requirements. At Ladbrokes Casino, rules are rules. Players have to concentrate on playing the games and winning jackpot rather than try to bend rules. Even if they do, they would be at loss.

    Checking Out The Bonus Rules

    When we scrutinized the terms and conditions of this Ladbrokes casino’s bonus, we found no hidden bonus terms. Besides, the usual “we reserve the right…”, “the spirit of the bonus must be observed”, and “you may only bet 25% of the bonus” terms were non-existent.

    In addition to this, we found that all the terms and conditions are stated clearly and listed beside the bonus offer, where they actually should be.

    The only issue we found was that the contribution percentage chart requires tightening up. Also, they should offer the bonus post-wager, if they want to do away with the bet size limitation, which is a favorite of most of the Micro gaming casinos.

    This is just a small issue when you learn that out of nearly 5000 casino industry-wide and probably 150 Micro gaming casinos, Ladbrokes Casino is the only casino that displays real-world, authentic business acumen. Its true business sense could make the entire casino industry hang its head in shame.

    As a player, you can be rest assured that when you place your bets at Ladbrokes Casino, you won’t hear about breach of rules or stolen funds, or any such kind of abuse.

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