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Gambling – From Rome To The Internet

Gambling – From Rome To The Internet

If one looks at the term “Casino” in the dictionary, it is derived from the root word “casa”, which means a pavilion, summerhouse or a country villa. The 19th century witnessed public buildings being used for pleasurable activities and this gave birth to this industry. Though the industry was formally established in the 19th century, gambling has existed, in some form or the other, from the time of the Greeks and Romans. In fact, rich and interesting stories related to the ‘game of chance’, is littered throughout history. One such story involves Charles Wells, a gambling legend. It is interesting to note that in the early part of the 20th century, state legislature and reformers outlawed gambling in the United States. 1931 was the year the gambling became legal in Nevada and Las Vegas.

Singapore city is one of the best tourist attractions of the world. Every year thousands of tourists visit Singapore. So it is a heaven for gambling service providers. A giant US$ 5.7 billion casino has been constructed in Singapore. It is called the Marina Bay Sands.

According to news agencies, a Hollywood casino has come up on the Kansas City highway. This casino is equipped with state of art facilities. These facilities include live entertainment, a beer garden, a big-screen video wall and a beautiful balcony which overlooks track. This casino is one of the largest and most sophisticated casinos ever made. The cost of making this casino is US $386 million. It has 100,000-square-foot gambling area which is the star attraction of this Hollywood casino. The architectural work and design has been done by Carl Yaeger of Berger Devine Yaeger Inc.

According to a news report by a leading news agency, physical brick and mortar casinos have begun to feel the heat of online casinos and gambling portals. These online portals are getting very popular each passing day. It is also reported that Canadians on an average spend $1 billion on these online portals and none of that money ever goes back to Canada. All that money spent on online gambling by Canadians goes is siphoned to offshore operators. Therefore an online regulatory agency has been established. This is called ‘Kahnawake’. This casino regulatory agency is located near Montreal.

With the dawn of the internet, you can now play and gamble for the very comfort of your home. There are two types of online casinos: flash based and download based. There are lot many sites that provide these services. Playing online is both easy and cost effective. According to news reports, online gambling portals are doing a brisk business. The land casinos have already started facing a lot of competition from these sites and portals.

This business has come a long way from the times of the Romans and Greeks and has become a part of popular culture. is an exhaustive site that features the most reliable gambling sites. The online versions offer paybacks and percentages at par with gaming casinos.

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