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Gambling Crosses Into A New Frontier

Gambling Crosses Into A New Frontier

A new format of gambling is all set to create waves among today’s gambling set. All techno-savvy people, who are already using computer and internet to gamble on online casinos, by now, will feel even this format ties them down a little. Well voila! Now you can gamble using you mobile phone too. All of you can experience that gambling is on the go.

For all the convenience that online gambling provided us, being limited to just the computer was not enough. Many people tend to have a lot of work outside and have to stay away from their laptops or desktops. Sometimes it may not be feasible for people to stay tethered to their computers all the time. On the other hand, we all carry mobile with us all the time. So gambling spreading out to Blackberrys will open up a host of new opportunities.

Jackpot city has now started offering mobile gaming and gambling apps for iPhones and smart phones. Therefore, if you have any one of these, you can gamble pretty much everywhere. Those long boring board meetings need not remain boring anymore – playing slots is always a viable option!

This means that all those times you spent wishing you had something to do; you now can just sit back with your mobile gambling. While going from a place to another or waiting for somebody to turn up, you can play mobile gambling, without getting bored. The good thing is that this is not one of those gambling options that are limited to the phone only. They also have a proper site that you can access from a normal computer. This will allow you to sit at home and play on the bigger screen and continue playing on your mobile when you are outside. Initially, when you join the site from your regular computer, it offers you a $500 casino deposit bonus offer for the your first and second deposits. The mobile site, although linked to the main one, is a secondary site that offers a free deposit of $150.

What About The Other Phones

For all of you wondering whether you can get this thing onto your phone, there is an easy way you to check. The site has a compatible devices tab. Whwn you log on to the site; you will see a large list of all manufacturers and models for which Jackpot City has the mobile gambling software. Once you find you phone in the list, select it and see what selection of games are available for your phone. You will have a wide range of slot games like TombRaider or Avalon. For other models, you can even get gambling games like blackjack, roulette, or Better video poker.

Jackpot city has an eCOGRA seal and they allow players from the United States as well. There is no compulsion that you must play on your mobile. If you just want simple online gambling, you can choose from a full download or limited in-browser mode for gambling on your computer.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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