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GambleID finds a ready Location identifier with Locaid

GambleID finds a ready Location identifier with Locaid

There is a new and dynamic service available online for the gaming industry to verify a player identity and that his location when mobile meets the compliance needs. This stems from the collaboration between GambleID and Locaid which is the largest Location-as-a-service provider.

The online providers of the gaming industry is obliged to verify the identities of all players. This requires more than just a credit card and may involve asking the would be player to submit his driver’s license or social security number for scrutiny. This information is sensitive and dangerous if stolen through the data base being hacked or worse. It is expensive and difficult to maintain such information and keep it current.

GambleID offers a service providing up to date authentication of players ID to providers of games in the online gambling industry. This gives assurance of compliance to the statutory regulations with the added benefits that uses the customer provided information as relayed by the merchants, quickly verifying the users ID and, in addition, providing risk assessments to be more rigorous than those required by the state laws.

GambleID uses many systems such as a data base of required responses (KBA) as well as access to customer’s databases to check and verify that whoever is signing in is in fact the same person whose name is on the customer profile.

But greater complications are arising because of the explosion in the use of mobile devices. No longer is the IP address sufficient to assure the regulators that the gamblers is actually in state and in fact they may be in states where gambling is forbidden. It is estimated that real time internet poker on mobile devices could be worth over $10 Bil. But rules have to be complied with before such betting is allowed from Smart phones and tablets. However if the providers can show that the mobile device is within the state then such restriction will not apply.

Locaid provides network location as a system that cannot be fooled as it can identify the towers from which the signal is being received. Thus GambleID can provide the gaming providers with the assurances that they are operating according to the law.

Thus online poker providers and casino merchants are now able to assure the state compliance regulators that if GamberID accepts a client then that client is in fact the person identified and that client is within a State that allows gambling. A secure GambingID authentication combined with the geo-location provided by Locaid provides the confidence that they have sufficient to be in compliance with the regulations.

As part of GambleID’s service each real time Identity authentication is also checked against all casino Black lists as well as national and state reports of Stolen Ids and other frauds. Chief amongst these is Credit Card Fraud and obviously GamleID is well aware of this keeping a tight monitor on all credit card reports. The danger for a Casino is obviously that they extend credit and that money is spent, Then the true owner of the card repudiates the transaction and the Credit Card company will then recover this amount from the Casino, plus related fees.

Thus the whole assurance that one is transacting with the legally entitled owner of a credit card is vitally important.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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