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European Commission Decides On Online Gambling Laws

European Commission Decides On Online Gambling Laws

Come February 27th and the European Commission will once again make an earnest attempt to regulate online gambling laws which will direct gambling operations in European Union states. This important meet will seek to debate in all findings placed in the reports undertaken by the EU like the Green Paper which had been forwarded earlier. This meeting will also deliberate on all the results that came out of the five workshops which were organized as part of the Green Paper research. These five workshops dealt with several issues like fraud prevention, systems of revenue distribution, prevention of what is called problem gambling, sports integrity, and the tasks of the National Enforcement and Administrative Cooperation.

Ligne, the European Gaming and Betting Associations Secretary, is all in the support of this EU initiative and is hopeful of the results. He wants EU-level rules to be introduced to protect consumers and allow the EU gambling site operators fair licensing conditions. He feels that this move will contribute to rapid progress because it will foster greater cooperation and development of EU laws. Regardless of the fact that the EU is expected to be a united force in all areas of administration, there remain certain areas where disputes continue to exist. Online gambling rules is undoubtedly one of the most contentious problems; so much so that many game site operators have had to apply for licenses several times to get the permission to operate in the EU. All member states have their own distinct laws for controlling online gambling; which is why these operators had to procure multiple licenses to be able to function in different member states. The licensing process has therefore become unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. This has also consequently led to negativity growing among regulating bodies and gambling operators.

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Intranet Gambling in Tribal Casinos

The Nevada gaming company Atlantis Internet Group Corp launched Intranet gaming in tribal casinos. Agreements to join this initiative have already been signed by two tribal casinos. The Tribal Gaming Network was introduced in 2009 when it got the National Indian Gaming Commission’s sanction. It is a multi-gaming platform which offers slots, table games, nationwide poker, and live online dealer games.

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