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Do Cheaters Ever Win at Casinos?

Do Cheaters Ever Win at Casinos?

For every system there is a way to get around its rules. Known as “Gaming the System”, a rule breaker will look for loopholes or ways to bend the rules. These gamers are the reasons for new regulations on just about every part of our lives.

In the world of casinos a long tradition of cheating has occurred like employees finding creative ways to steal a customer’s money. A black jack dealer may lift more chips than were bet, pay less than the winnings, or mark cards.

For the customers, it is an ever changing field. New cheats are thought of and detected every day. Planting chips after a wheel has stopped or a card is turned up are just two examples. Replacing a small chip with larger denomination chip is another example.

Some use devices to up their odds or forecast the next likely win. Use of these methods will result in a felony charge in Nevada and most other casinos worldwide. Although card counters are not committing felonies by counting, they are largely regarded as cheaters and can be banned from casinos.

Casinos try to think like thieves and make every modification to ensure no one gets away with it. Cameras are covering every square inch of space and footage can be reviewed instantly. Stealing other people’s chips is one of the most common thefts. A customer at a table can request a cover for their chips if they plan to go to the restroom and leave their pile behind.

Most slot machines today have gone through so many changes to answer each cheat of the past that they are considered cheat-proof. That doesn’t stop con men from selling devices they claim will work to put the odds in your favor. Be careful of the claims. They are out to gain your money and don’t care if you go to jail using their device.

A good rule of thumb for anyone thinking they will find a way to cheat is to know that it has already been thought of and dealt with. Every big payout is going to be reviewed in the security booth. If you don’t think prison garb is very stylish or that Bruno will make a good girlfriend, don’t take the chance.

Have there been cheaters who have gotten away with it? Most likely we will never know the extent. But if they use their system more than once the odds of being caught doubles. Casinos are always on the lookout for anomalies that point to a cheater.

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