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Alternative Ways To Get Money For Casinos

Alternative Ways To Get Money For Casinos

With more and more steps being taken by the credit card companies to check the flow of their money into the casinos, it has become increasingly difficult for players to fund their casino accounts.

The latest news development states that MasterCard and Visa have placed restrictions on their cards being used to fund casino accounts by online players. Once they had the software in place, it helped them to recognize transactions where the money was being used to fund casino accounts. With these measures, it is the players who bear the brunt of it all.

But this industry is looking for more ways in which they can provide their players with easy access to money.

When credit cards are not an option, there are several other ways in which it is possible to get the money you need. These are safe, completely reliable and 100% foolproof, which is what the player worries about ultimately.


One of the more popular ways of transacting money online is using NeTeller. Although not used by players living in US and Canada, it allows the rest of the population to get the benefits of same day payments and instant cash transfers. All you need to do is to open your NeTeller account and fund it using your own credit card. Once you get the money you require into the account, you can start using it instantly. It is completely secure and keeps all your information and transactions confidential.


For players in the US and Canada the option of using Eco Card is available. It is a virtual debit card which allows the players the use of the account to fund their visit into the casinos and gambling stations.

It is completely risk-free and enables its users to maintain complete anonymity. You will only be required to submit a valid email address and no other details will be asked for.

EcoCard is available everywhere in the world and you have the added advantage of dealing in the local currency.


Moneybookers is also emerging as one of the most popular ways to deposit money for the gambling ventures. They maintain a high standard of security for their transactions. Any player with an email address can start the account and wire money using other services into the Moneybookers account. Once you have the required funds there is no problem in getting started on your gambling venture.


This service is also easily available to players in the US. UseMyWallet allows the users to sign up, with the details being sent to the email address submitted, within 3-5 days. Although the security and other rules for using this service are strict, it only ensures that this facility is absolutely safe and secure in every way. You can use your bank account or your credit card to fund this account.


InstaDebit is an online account which allows even the US and Canadian players to fund their casino accounts. You will need to provide some basic information and you can sign up for this account in minutes. Although you can only fund your InstaDebit account using your own checking account it is secure and completely interest free.

With so many options available there are unlimited ways for players to keep enjoying this form of entertainment provided by the casinos.

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