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California Rules Galaxy Gaming Unfit For Business – Could Vegas Be Next?

California Rules Galaxy Gaming Unfit For Business – Could Vegas Be Next?

A California judge has ruled that Galaxy Gaming Inc., a company that is known for developing table games or Las Vegas, has been found to not be suitable to do business in California. There are number of different controversy surrounding the company that could have led to the a real cause in the judge’s ruling. The ruling came in front of the California Gambling Control Commission, during a closed session that was not open to the public. Prior to this, I judge had ruled that an official recommendation need to be filed that the company be stripped of its gaming licenses, which likely lead to the ruling that they were unfit for business.

After the ruling came down, the word quickly traveled and the Nevada Gaming Control Board who are currently considering a full investigation of the company to determine whether or not they should be allowed to continue to interact within the gaming industry in Nevada. Up until this point, the company status as and associated equipment manufacturer has not been called into question. It has not yet been subject of a full investigation. That is expected to change.

Shortly after the ruling in California, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board A.G. Burnett stated that they will be looking into the licensure of the company, and will use the California ruling as a jumping off point to find more reason to investigate the company in full. A 103 page report in April was released, stemming from a three-year investigation into the company and the practices that they employ. The investigation specifically look into the different business license applications that had been filed by the CEO of the company, Robert Saucier. Saucier is accused of lying about various details regarding the company in his applications, which led to the deeper investigation. It was said that he was evasive during questioning, and at times intentionally dishonest about different aspects of the company, likely in hopes of giving the company a better chance of being approved with their applications.

With an industry like gaming, it is very important to companies follow all rules and regulations to ensure that they receive a positive outcome as a result. It is clear that the company may have used less than ideal business practices in order to give themselves a better chance of being accepted when the applications were turned in.

It remains to be seen if Nevada is going to launch a full investigation into the company and whether or not they will be found to be competent, and able to continue practicing in the Las Vegas area. Now that the company has been officially ousted from California, Nevada will likely begin to look deeper into the practices of the company to determine whether or not they lied on applications that affect the state of Nevada, and what can be done to ensure that a full investigation is launched if warranted.

It will be interesting to see how the company and state continue to respond to these allegations, and how the state will react once the investigation begins. After being ousted from California, it will be interesting to see of Nevada finds similar issues with the applications the company has turned in.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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