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Brand new System for Betting on Boxing Matches

Brand new System for Betting on Boxing Matches

A brand new system for betting on boxing has been coming together over the past few years, and it has recently been brought to fruition. The system is based on the quality of a fighter’s past opponents and how it compares to the record of his next match.

Like all betting systems, it is not infallible, but you can greatly increase your odds of winning bets on fighting by incorporating the math used here, especially when you find out who the source of the info is.

Measuring Past Fight Performance on the Records of all Opponents

Sherman “The Shark” Finn steps into the ring for a 4-round bout. He’s 5-0, has a great following, and is looking better than ever. His opponent, Willie Perkins, has a record of 1-3-1 and is the visiting fighter.

The bell rings and Willie upsets the hometown favorite with a KO in the first round. How could this happen?

It turns out that The Shark’s past five opponents had an average record of 1-5 while Willie Perkins’ opponents had an average record of 6-1. The result was that Willie had been developing as a fighter who was competitive with winning fighters while The Shark was wiping the mat with bums.

How to do the Math for This System

The math for this is very easy and all of the data is available online.

You take all of the wins, losses and draws of a fighter’s past opponents and then divide the totals by the number of bouts had.

Willie Perkins was 1-3-1. On the face of it, he stinks and is going down. However, his opponents had records of: 5-1 (lost), 8-1 (lost), 6-0-1 (draw), 6-2 (won), 7-0 (lost). The wins and losses totaled to 32-5-1. When divided by the number of bouts, the average opponent was 6-1.

The Shark’s bouts were against guys who were 0-4, 1-5, 0-0, 2-9-1, 1-5. Total wins and losses were 4-23-1. When divided by the number of bouts the average is 1-5.

While Perkins was battling tomorrow’s champions, The Shark battled all of the guppies.

Who Created This System?

The creator of this system is none other than Mark Cuban, the entrepreneur who also owns the Dallas Mavericks. He came up with it one day when he was on his private jet watching a bout similar to the fictitious one noted above between The Shark and Perkins.

His nephew really liked that the worse fighter had red trunks and was dead-set on the idea that Mr. Red would beat Mr. Leopard Print. Mark wasn’t paying much attention but realized that Mr. Red’s super trunks and 5-7 record were no match for the undefeated record of the contender he was going up against.

Two-and-a-half rounds later, Mr. Red was pulverizing the future champ and the ref stopped the fight, declaring it a TKO.

At this, he dug down deeper and realized that the contender was no contender at all, and the challenger had been fighting the best fighters in his division from day-1, including a debut split-decision loss against a gold medalist and a win over a former champion trying to establish a comeback.

This system isn’t infallible, but it will help you make better bets and more money.

Atualizado em 26 de June de 2019.

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