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Casino Jackpots – Have A Helluva Time Winning Your Online Casino Jackpot

Casino Jackpots – Have A Helluva Time Winning Your Online Casino Jackpot

Have A Helluva Time Winning Your Online Casino Jackpot

onlinecasinojackpotsThe practice of gambling is as old as the civilization itself. Games based on chance abounded in almost every society including ancient Greek, Roman, and Chinese societies. Casinò di Venezia is the first known casino established in Venice, Italy, around 1638. This historical and very old gambling place is still operational.

Early American casinos were known as saloons. Most major cities such as New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago and St. Louis had at least one saloon that used to be frequented by travelers, outlaws, and influential people alike. The first legalized saloons were opened in the year 1931 in the state of Las Vegas and Nevada. New Jersey and Atlantic soon followed by legalizing gambling places in the year 1978.

In August of 1995, Internet Casinos, Inc. (ICI), launched the world’s first online saloon and online casino jackpot became a reality. Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos or gambling sites, are virtual versions of the mortar and brick ones. They offer better odds for games such as the slot machines. Hence an online casino jackpot is more of a possibility than anything else.

Types Of Online Casinos

Based on their interface, there are three different virtual versions of gambling houses – download-based casinos; live casinos; and web-based casinos.

Download-Based Casinos

To play and win an online casino jackpot via a download-based casino, one needs to download the software provided by the client. This online software connects to the gambling house website and handles connection with the service provider without browser support.

One cannot play and wager on the games offered online without downloading this client software. Download-based programs generally run much faster than other type of internet based gambling software. This is because the sound programs and graphics are located on the client machine i.e. your machine rather than loaded from the net. The initial setup and installation of download-based games, however, does take longer than other types of gambling software.

But if you are familiar with the World Wide Web and see a reputable name offering this type of gaming then go ahead. Download the executable file and win online casino jackpot!

Web-Based Casinos

The other type of internet based gambling software is called web-based casino. You are not required to download the software to your local computer and games are presented mainly as plugins. You need a higher bandwidth to enjoy these games as the animations, graphics, and sound are all loaded via the plugin. However, the actual experience is not in any way short of the real thing or the other type of gambling programs. The thrill of winning your online casino jackpot is still the same, whether you play it on the net or in a real, physical building.

Live-Based Casinos

The third type of gambling software on the World Wide Web is live-based casino. It allows players to interact with real world games played in real world gambling houses. This way, you are sitting in your home and you hear, see, and interact with actual dealers who are playing on real tables in real casinos worldwide. Imagine winning an online casino jackpot in this type of setting!

Who Can Play These Games

The legal age to be able to gamble, virtual or real, is 18 to 21 years in most of the United States and in almost all countries of the World. In a virtual game, a minor may try to play these games but what is illegal should never be tried, not even for the thrill of it. The consequences are dire. One should always be on the good side of the law. I know, at 16 or 17, the thought of winning an online casino jackpot is very tempting but no matter how tempting it is, you do not want to risk breaking the law, do you?

Types Of Online Games

  • Slot Games – The easiest one to play, a slot machine, also known as a fruit machine or a poker machine is simply a machine with three or more reels. You push a button or pull down an arm and the reels spin. The pull down arm is responsible for yet another name given to these machines – one-armed bandits. A favorite among novice players, an online casino jackpot on one of these machines will fill your pockets with cash.
  • Blackjack – Also known as Vingt-et-un, Twenty-one, or Pontoon, is played with one or more deck of 52 cards. To win, one must add value to the card in hands to reach a value of 21. One holding a value closest to 21 is the winner of the online casino jackpot. It is one of the most popular gambling games.
  • Baccarat – Believed to be introduced into France from Italy, Baccarat is similar to Faro an Basset. It is strictly a game of chance and does not require any skill or strategy.
  • Roulette – Taken from the French word which literally means “little wheel,” it is a game where the players pick a number or a range of numbers and a wheel is spun. The falling ball decides which number or number range has hit the online casino jackpot.
  • Craps – It is a dice game in which players win by the outcome of the two rolling dice.

Money Made In Gambling

Can you guess the huge amounts of money that is made by these gambling houses? Here are some interesting as well as shocking figures- annual revenues for some very popular gambling destinations for the year 2008:

  • Las Vegas gambling strip – $6.12 billion
  • Atlantic City – $4.55 billion
  • Chicago region – $4.55 billion
  • Connecticut – $1.57 billion
  • Detroit – $1.36 billion
  • Boulder Strip (Las Vegas) – $837 million
  • Reno, Nevada – $779 million
  • Downtown Las Vegas – $582 million
  • Laughlin, Nevada – $571 million

So go ahead, play all you want and win any number of online casino jackpots. However, be safe rather than sorry. Check the authenticity of these websites and make sure that playing on them is legal. Before you are tempted to pull the arm of that slot machine, make sure that you are not becoming an addict to these games. No matter how tempting, gambling can rob you of all your hard earned money in no time. Therefore, wisdom and control are important for deciding whether or not you should indulge in these games.

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