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Beguinner’s Guide to online casino bonuses

Beguinner’s Guide to online casino bonuses

Beginner’s Guide To Online Casino Bonuses

onlinecasinobonusesIt is estimated that there are over 2000 online casinos currently active on the Internet. Online casinos are slowly becoming a rage among the Internet savvy people across the world. Some experts even believe that the popularity of virtual casinos has even surpassed that of real world casinos. This belief is chiefly an effect of the fact that Internet has more reach and accessibility. The main tool that online casinos use to draw more players onto their sites is online casino bonuses.

There are different types of online casino bonuses that are being provided by various online casinos in order to draw more and more players as they compete against other online casinos for a bigger share of the market. The tool is so useful that almost all online casinos have at least some form of bonuses for their players. The bonuses provided range from one that is provided to a new player for signing up, often called a ‘welcome bonus’ to the one that is given to a player who has played for the casino for significant amount of time, known as ‘loyalty bonus’. In addition to this, there are other types of bonuses, which primarily look to keep the player gambling and depositing money. The following is a list of most common online casino bonuses provided to players:

  • Welcome bonus: This is a bonus that is provided by an online casino to a new player just for signing up with the casino. This type of bonus can range from anything around USD 10 to USD 100. However, the amount provided will be subject to a variety of restrictions. This type of bonus can also be called by other names such as ‘new player bonus,’ ‘sign up bonus,’ or ‘no deposit bonus,’ but will remain constant in terms of concept.
  • Deposit bonus: These are bonuses that are given to players who deposit their own money with the casino. Needless to say, casinos are usually very generous with these bonuses. The value of these bonuses can range from the casino matching the player’s deposit, i.e., 100% to even 400%. The restrictions involved with these types of bonuses usually have to be with playing through a certain amount of money or wagering the bonus for a fixed number of times to be able to cash the bonus out.
  • Cash back bonus: These are bonuses that are rewarded when a player loses some wager. In this case, a certain percentage of the money lost is returned in order to keep the player from getting disheartened and quitting.
  • Loyalty bonus: This is the type of bonus that is rewarded to a player that has been playing with the casino for a good deal of time. As the name suggests, it is rewarded to the player for his loyalty.
  • Reload bonus: This is a bonus that is rewarded every time a player deposits money at the casino, following the initial deposit.
  • Sticky bonus: These are bonuses that are rewarded but cannot be cashed out. However, these bonuses can be wagered and the player is allowed to cash out the profits. For example, in a situation where a wagered sticky bonus of USD 100 brings in a 100% profit leaving the player with USD 200. In this case, the player can cash out USD 200 – sticky bonus of USD 100 = profit of USD 100.
  • High roller bonus: These are bonuses on extremely high deposits. These bonuses themselves can be quite significant.
  • Specific game bonus: There are also instances where the online casino will dish out bonuses which can only be wagered in a particular game. This is done when a casino introduces a new game and wants players to try it out.
  • Referral bonus: These are bonuses that are granted to players for getting another player to sign up at the same casino.

When it comes to online casino bonuses, a player must read the fine print with respect to the same. All bonuses provided by these online casinos come hamstrung with multiple forms of restrictions which must be taken into account before a player decides to play. These restrictions could vary from a simple thing such as minimum number of wages to complicated clauses related to which games and what odds. The following are some restrictions that are linked to various forms of bonuses:

  1. Bonus playthrough: This can, more simply, be called wager requirements. These require the player to bet or risk a certain amount of money before he can cash out any sum. This requirement can range from 10 to 30 times the bonus rewarded.
  2. Bankroll playthrough: This is similar to the bonus playthrough. The difference here is that the wager requirement can range from 10 to 30 times the player’s bankroll. Bankroll amounts to the deposit made by the player plus the bonus rewarded by the casino.
  3. Game restrictions: Often, there are very specific restrictions related to particular games. As in many games may not count in terms of playthrough or some games may only count 50%.
  4. Casino specific restrictions: There are also some restrictions which only exist in particular casinos. These are customized restrictions that cannot be called general at all.

There is also a process known as bonus hunting wherein, people try to look for high bonuses being provided by particular casinos and then try to exploit any loopholes that may exist in terms of restrictions. These bonus hunters are seasoned players and know the insides and outsides of any game. Therefore, these people, many times, are able to cash out money without even having to deposit any amount from their own pocket.

Furthermore, another interesting aspect of online casino gaming is the kind of legal litigation that they spawn. The majority of legal cases linked to these casinos are caused due to disputes related to the online casino bonus regime of the casino. Another aspect, which is high on the list, in terms of legal disputes, is a fraudulent casino or a fraudulent player. These are the two primary areas on which most online casino legal disputes are based.

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