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Effective Strategies for Playing and Winning Slots

Effective Strategies for Playing and Winning Slots

   Effective Strategies for Playing and Winning Slots

progressiveslotsPlaying slots seems to be the latest craze these days. The game can be played in casinos, on slot machines, on the Internet and offline. The game is engaging and entertaining since it offers great opportunities to earn money. No wonder everyone enjoys this game. Whenever an individual begins playing this game, his sole intention will be to win the jackpot. However, simply betting large amounts of money will not bring in big cash prizes. This game is a gamble and like any other form of gambling, your odds of winning are unpredictable. If you wish to learn how to beat a slot machine, you must first know the basics of playing slots.

If a slot machine hits the jackpot just after you quit paying, it does not mean that you would have won if you had continued with it. The reason behind this unpredictable nature of a slot machine is that these machines are controlled by RNGs (Random Number Generators). The RNGs continuously assess numbers that generate the result of a play – about 1000 results per second. In fact, this process occurs even when a slot machine is not in use. Additionally, slots have been programmed to maintain more money than they pay out as winnings. So, whatever way you look at it, the machine will win. To hit the jackpot, you have to be lucky enough to get the right results at the right time.

Two Kinds Of Slot Machines

The next thing you must know is how to identify the right kind of machine to play with. There are basically two kinds of slot machines – progressive and non-progressive machines. Since the progressive machine will be interconnected with other slot machines in casinos, its jackpot cash prize will be in huge figures. However, the odds of winning slots by playing on a progressive machine will be difficult. Non-progressive machines are generally regarded as the best for playing. Although these machines may not feature big jackpot prizes, the chances of winning are better. In fact, it is very easy to win with non-progressive machines and players usually keep hitting the jackpot frequently.

Strategies That Work

To win with slot machines, it is important to have the right skills and proven strategies. Most casino-goers agree that it is very easy to win slots. But then how come there are plenty of people who lose huge amounts of money playing on slot machines? The difference between winners and losers is the varying level of strategies and playing skills.

Although you can find a lot of strategies related to playing on slot machines, there are many people who question the effectiveness of these strategies and tips. You must remember that these strategies have been developed by experts who have devoted years to studying and developing strategies.

These strategies revolve around:

educating new players about playing slots effectively,
interpreting the machines to find the right ones that will bring in wins,
understanding when to stop playing on non-winning slot machines, and
when to change a game.

The strategies may also include understanding the best time to play the game.

If you are seriously interested in winning slot games, here are a few strategies:

The most important strategy is choosing the machine that offers the best payouts. There are certain machines that offer higher percentage of payouts than other machines. You must learn to identify these machines before you begin playing.

If you are playing on reel slots machines, avoid machines that feature four or more reels. Instead go for ones that have only three reels. The three-reel machines offer players higher chances of hitting winning combinations of symbols and thus more opportunities of winning huge cash prizes.

If you are playing on video slot machines, choose ones that feature more pay lines. If you can afford to spend more, start playing on machines with 9 pay lines. If your budget is pretty big, you can play on slot machines featuring above 9 pay lines too. To win big, it would be best not to play slots on machines featuring less than 9 pay lines. This is because such machines usually feature low payouts.

Casinos offer discounts and promotions to their regular patrons from time to time. If you favorite casino has a players’ club, it is recommended that you join this club to avail cash gifts, freebies, promos and discounts. You must always be up to date about the incentive offers of this club so that you can play more slots and win more. Such amazing offers are usually the best in online casinos. In fact, most websites offer bonuses and freebies as soon as you sign up for an account with an online slot machine.
Experienced players suggest that you always play by placing maximum bets. Some slot machines actually require players to place maximum bets so that they will be eligible for jackpot prizes. If you can afford it and if you are aiming for the jackpot, make sure that you bet the maximum amount every time you play slots.
For high chances of winning, choose slot games that offer more spins, high bonuses and high jackpots. You must also check the pay table and payouts. Play with slot machines that have payback of 95 percent and above.
Another important strategy that you must master to win huge cash prizes is learning when to increase or decrease bets. Since non-progressive machines frequently offer good payouts, you must bet more on such machines. Although the payouts will usually be small amounts, you will earn good profit since you will probably hit the jackpot more often.
Never spend all your money on one machine hoping that it will hit the jackpot sooner or later. Slots machines are not designed to perform that way.
Most importantly, you must have a clear idea of the amount of money you can afford losing before you quit a game. Effective management of your money and your bets will enable you to maximize your entertainment as well as earnings.

These slot machine strategies can make you a more informed player and aid you in to playing more and winning more. These slots strategies also sharpen your skills in managing bets. You will thus be in a better position to hit the right combination at the right time and have higher chances of winning that elusive jackpot.

Simple Tips to Stay Ahead

There are many people who consider slot machines as fool’s game. However, it is also a known fact that you can substantially increase your chances of winning if you know what strategies to apply. In addition, if you also remember to follow a few simple rules, it will not be long before you begin taking home more money than you spent at the slot machine.

So here are some tips to enhance your slots experience:

  • Never set off on a gambling spree expecting to earn money to pay off your bills. Only spend that much money that you can actually afford to lose.
  • Play on machines that offer higher chances of winning. The fewer the number of reels the higher will be the chances of hitting the jackpot. Multi-line slot games may also be a good option as long as you remember that each line played keeps multiplying you bet. So it would be better to play one line, three reel slots rather than seven-reel games.
  • When a machine is no longer offering payouts, you must cash out and try playing on another machine. Do not stick to playing on a cold machine hoping for a jackpot. Even if it hits, you may have lost all your money by then.
  • If a machine has just hit the jackpot, quit playing on it because it probably will not hit the jackpot again anytime soon. The slot machines are regulated by RNGs that set random combinations continuously and thus make it almost impossible to win slots consecutively.
    Set a limit for earnings and quit playing as soon as you reach the limit. New players usually make the mistake of continuing to play if they are winning and finally ending the game with a drastic loss. Never use the money you have won for playing again. For this, it would be a good idea to request for your payout in check. This way you will not be tempted to play again as casinos only accept cash for playing.
  • If there are new casinos in your area, try playing there to avail the promotions, high bonuses, extra prizes and high jackpots they may offer.

If you are a newcomer to slot games, it will always be a good idea to master the strategies first before actually trying a hand at playing slots. This way, you will be able to keep losses to a minimum while optimizing your profits. To keep your entertainment and profit levels high, gamble within your means. That way, although you may not become rich, you will hopefully earn more than you spend.

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