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Craps Effective Strategies for winning

Craps Effective Strategies for winning

Introduction: What Is Craps?

crapsA dice game as well as a game of chance, Craps is an exciting casino game that thrills and ensures that you have a good time. Players need to wager on the result of rolling of two dice. The rolling may be done once or more than once. More popular as a casino game, Craps requires very little equipment and instrumentation and hence is popular at informal parties and get-togethers. People playing the game can bet the money against one another, called street craps, or they can bet the money against the “bank,” as in the case of casino craps.

How To Play Craps?

Craps has multiple levels of complexities and wagers. Players can go for the level they are comfortable with. Before rolling the dice, wagers or bets are placed as to the outcome of the roll. The excitement of the game comes from the fact that the way the dice will roll is based on chance and thus the betting can win by pure luck.

While the game by itself is simple, the wagering involved is of several different types. Also, most casinos design the games to give an edge to the casino itself. While there are no sure-shot ways of getting around this inbuilt advantage, an astute player can observe carefully what numbers yield better and stick to them, as well as pick up the right wagering system to reduce the casino edge to a minimum.

Types Of Bets/Wagers In Craps

  1. Pass/Don’t Pass: The Pass Line is the long, curvy portion running along the Craps’ table’s edge nearest to the players. When players make a Pass or a Don’t Pass bet, they are wagering either for or against the dice. The Pass or Don’t Pass wager pays even money, and involves the casino having a 1.41% edge.
  2. Come Wager: This is a wager that acts as Pass Line wager but is made after the come-out roll.
  3. Don’t Come Wager: This acts as Don’t Pass Line wager but is made after the come-out roll.
  4. Odds Wager: This wager may be done along with Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come, and Don’t Come wagers. With Pass Line and Come wagers, the odds wager means that the shooter will hit a point before a 7. With Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come wagers, the odds wager indicates that the shooter will hit a 7 before a point. The payout on the odds wager is dependent on the number of the shooter’s point. An Odds wager gives the true number of odds, and is the most profitable wager in Craps.
  5. Big 6 Wager: A wager that number 6 will roll before number 7.
  6. Big 8 Wager: A wager indicating an 8 will roll before 7.
  7. Hardway Wager: A wager that means a “double” (say, two 4s) will hit before 7.
  8. Horn Wager: A wager that means the rolling dice will show a 2, 3, 11 or a 12.
  9. Place Win Wager: A wager that a certain number selected by a player (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) will roll before a 7.
  10. Field Wager: A wager that the imminent roll of the dice will display a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
  11. Buy Wager: This acts as a Place Win wager but a Buy wager has a separate payout method. The casino pulls a 5% service charge on this wager.
  12. Aces Wager: A wager that indicates a 2 will display on the imminent roll.
  13. Twelve Wager: A wager that a 12 will display on the imminent roll.
  14. Any 11 Wager: A wager that an 11 will display on the imminent roll.
  15. Any Craps Wager: A wager that a 2, 3 or a 12 will display on the imminent roll.
  16. Place Lose Wager: A wager that a 7 will display before a specified number selected by the player (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10).
  17. Lay Wager: This acts as a Place Lose wager but a Lay wager has a separate payout method. The casino pulls a 5% service charge on this wager.

Rules For Playing Casino Craps

When playing against the “bank” in a casino, players have a different set of rules than when playing against other players. For one, in casino craps, the odds for the payout are established by the casino. In addition, the casino generally covers all the wagering by players at a table. The game is played turn-by-turn by the players by rolling a pair of dice. When a player rolls a dice, other players place wagers on the outcome of the dice. This player is called the “shooter”, while the starting roll of a fresh round is called a “come out roll”.

The “shooter” player has to wager the table minimum at the very least. At a given table, the opportunity to play the dice is given in a clockwise manner. Players can pass up the right to roll the dice, but must place bets on the outcome of the next shooter rolling the dice. When a shooter’s outcome of the dice comes out as 2, 3 or 12, the outcome is known as Craps. This result leads to players losing pass line bets. When the dice roll to 7 or 11, the result is called “natural” and lead to winning a pass line bet. In each of these cases, the shooter continues the right to roll the dice till a “point” is created. The point gets established when the shooter rolls the dice to point 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. This, or the roll of 7, marks the end of the come-out roll.

The casino dealer then usually indicates an “On” sign to the number that indicates the point number to the tale. Players make wagers with chips on specially designed Craps tables. The table cloth indicates the assorted wagering options. The layouts of the table are symmetrical and have center wagers in the middle of the table, enabling maximum number of players to participate.

The shooter is generally told to roll the dice with one hand such that the dice hit and fall off the far wall around the table. This reduces controlling of the dice. If a dice falls off a table, the shooter may be asked to choose from the remaining three dice from the table. The Craps table at a casino will usually have 3-4 different people to run it and keep a check. These include the boxman guarding the chips and overseeing the dealers; one or two base dealers at either side of the table to place and pay wagers; and a stickman collecting bets in the table’s middle and announcing the outcome of each roll.

Tips And Strategies For Playing Craps

  • Most winning strategies used to win at Craps require knowing what bets to play and the understanding of the game. For novices, sticking to the Pass Line bet is the best option. To learn the game and understand it better, you can play online at Craps till you get comfortable with the working of the game and the rules.
  • Observing the game and noticing the trend or streak with the numbers is a good way to increase your chances of winning. Notice the winning shooter and stick to wagering with that shooter. Such winning streaks generally result from a controlled shooting (a method that has been described below).
  • A number of players can practice rolling till they learn to increase the chances of rolling the number 7 when they want it, or by increasing the chances of not rolling the number when they don’t want it. This can be done by practicing for a while. What the player needs to do is to hold the dice in the hand with the “wanted” numbers looking up. The hand is moved such that the two dice hit one another and rattle but still stay in position. Such a roll takes time to cultivate and can heavily reduce the edge of the casino or the randomness of the dice. This type of shooting is called rhythmic or controlled shooting.
  • Remembering to tip the dealers also helps in having a favorable game of Craps. When you tip the dealer, called toking, you will sometimes be able to wager higher odds than your table generally permits. This can help you reduce the edge of the casino in the game. It also keeps the dealer happy and more enthusiastic.
  • The strategy of choice for most players to win the game of Craps is to wager free odds on line. This strategy involves placing bets behind your original bet. The free odds you place mean that the casino has zero edge in your play, thus reducing the chances against you. Free odds can be put after the come-out at any time, and can also be taken back at any time, which is unlike the pass line bet. The higher you add to your odds wager, the lower the casino edge in the play. The limit on the free odds may differ from casino to casino, and can be anywhere from two times to a hundred times over your original wager.

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