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Blackjack – A Fun Way To Make Profit

Blackjack – A Fun Way To Make Profit

Blackjack – A Fun Way To Make Profit

blackjackBlackjack, is referred to as Twenty-one in the US and as ‘Vingt-et-un’ in France. It is a casino banking game that is played extensively throughout the world. The basic rules of Blackjack involve addition of the value of the initial two cards in hand hoping them to total to twenty-one. In case someone needs to deal with a value which is less than twenty-one, the player may decide to deal only single cards. This may continue until the player in question has the desired value of twenty one, reaches a comfortable value to play with, or reaches a value greater than twenty-one. The one who either holds a hand equaling twenty one or is nearest to the value but does not exceed it under any circumstance is the winner. The game has many variants and there are different rules for the tables at almost all casinos in the United States.

The ever-increasing popularity of Blackjack may be attributed to the ‘sheer chance’ aspect of the game. It is further supported by a mixture of skills and hype surrounding the counting of the cards. This counting signifies the calculation of the probability advantages which are completely based upon the high cards vs. low cards ratio. Some people mistake the casino game with another card game by the same name. Played in Britain, Black Jack is a Crazy Eights variant.

Blackjack Winning Specifics

The basic strategy of the game is that each game perfectly condenses the edge against the player to about half of a percent. This helps the player fight even the best of odds.

Caution To Be Exercised

Despite this cutting edge strategy, there is a sharp negative edge to Blackjack. Using the abovementioned strategy a player may win on a given date and make short term profit too. However, this half percent edge can work against him/her and gradually grind them down in the long term. This happens more often during the early stage of the game.

Therefore, what is required for flawless gaming and constant win is an advanced strategy called Basic Strategy Plus. This strategy is quintessential for a casual novice who wants to become a successful serious recreational player. This also gives the player better winning chances in the long term.

What Does The Basic Strategy Imply?

The basic strategy states that in order to lower down the small edge against a player and to further turn it in a favorable positive one; the player should simply pay attention to the table of cards. He/she must develop an objective sense of high versus low cards ratio. This is what any card counter will do.

This does not mean that a player is required to devote endless hours. Instead what it says is that the player must develop a proportional sense that may come handy in the process of “counting the table.” The phrase literally stands for casting a quick but calculative glance on all the exposed cards held in each hand on blackjack table. This inspection also includes the hand of the dealer. The player inspecting the cards must count all the high cards including kings, tens, Queens, and Jacks along with the low cards ranging from two to five quickly. Remember, both the high and the low cards are equal in number.

If the player has a larger amount of low cards than high ones, there are very ripe chances of winning due to the ‘richer’ deck. This is a favorable situation for the player especially if the cards are from a six-deck pack. On the contrary, a greater number of high cards than low ones would be unfavorable for the player due to the deck being rich in low cards.
Information regarding a quick table count may come quite handy in Casinos during real play. The players may adjust their cards accordingly. This would not only increase their chances of winning blackjack but would also portray them in more professional light.

The table count also becomes more important because the guidelines of the basic strategy suggest moves that make the game go either way. The table count may thus proffer additional information to the player thus indicating a paradigm shift in the basic strategy suggestions in close call situations.

This can be illustrated by this example. Suppose that a player of blackjack has a count of 16 in contrast to the 10 up card of the dealer. The basic strategy in this case would suggest the player to hit his/her 16 against the ten of the dealer. But this is quite a close call. The player in the said case needs a four or a five very badly so that the game can come to tie or even to win it if the card with the dealer is a 10 down one.

It is here that this table counting tip can come handy. If the quick table count in this situation reveals six extra lows, the player must stand with his/her own card of 16 against the 10 of the dealer. This is what one means by a disproportionate amount related to the low cards that lowers the odds further for taking any low card to such a saturated point where the said player may stand with his/her own 16.

That is to say more close calls can also be dealt quite competently with this change in the Basic Strategy.

History Of Blackjack

The origin of the game is still somewhat unclear. It is a common belief that the origin of Blackjack dates back to early 17th century. It is believed to have evolved in the French casinos that coined it as “vingt-et-un” referring to the phrase “20 and 1.”

The game got its name from one of its rule implying that a player holding a Spade’s Jack and Ace of Spades both as his first cards, would be paid extra. Blackjack had been played in the US since the 18th century. Between 1850 and 1910, gambling in the States was legal. Later, under the rules of Nevada that gambling was declared to be a felony. Thereafter, 1931 came as a year for re-legalization of the practice and also for the re-evolution of Blackjack as a main game in many casinos.

Value Of Cards

The objective of the whole game centers on the value of the cards involved in the game. The main aim of Blackjack is to procure 21 points or as close as possible to that without over-scoring. All the numbered cards in the game are counted as per face value. All the face cards have a worth of 10 points each. The face cards include King, Queen, and Jack. The Ace card, on the other hand can have a value of one or eleven.

Now, during the course of blackjack any player or dealer whosoever reaches 21 or the closest figure at the earliest is declared to be the winner. However, the total card value must not exceed 21 for that would be considered as a ‘bust’. This would disqualify the player from the game. However, if a dealer and the player both manage to score an equal value, the game comes to a push or a tie.

Steps Involved In The Game

Blackjack is a very systematic game that comprises the following steps:

  1. The first step involves the placing of a bet by the player.
  2. The second step entails the dealing of two cards by the dealer to the player. Both these cards generally face upwards towards the player with the dealer having a card to him/her.
  3. The dealer thereafter draws the second card for him/her. This card is placed in a face down position on the table.
  4. Then the player of blackjack is asked for another card. If he/she refuses another hit, they are further asked whether they wish to stand or not.
  5. Every player is free to request for as many hits as they wish. For it is this hit only that would help him/her attain the winning value.
  6. In case the hits exceed the winning value which is 21, and busts, the win definitely goes to the house. The ‘house’ here refers to the casino.
  7. If at any point during the course of the game, the player decides to stop at a card value close to 21, way before going bust, the dealer in such case would necessarily have to reveal his/her second card’s value.
  8. But if the second card of the dealer values 21, the house would win obtaining a Blackjack. The dealers must also play with caution and continue drawing cards until he/she nears 17. This is because the dealers may also go bust resulting in the playing winning the game.

The above information implies that one may start making big profit in Blackjack without even getting into the complexities of the game.


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